Sunday, July 25, 2010

Can't Keep Up

Since I am not currently in the Beta I can't keep up with other Hunter bloggers who are in the Beta.
So instead I will give you links to the best blogs that are giving good info in the Beta:
Frostheim even does a podcast with other Hunters and its pretty entertaining.
BigRedKitty is back to doing Beta Video Blogs which have always been very entertaining.
That is all I got for now.  I'll try to keep on top of significant changes, but since everything is changing and changing again its almost pointless to try to keep up until things start getting nailed down.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cataclysm Hunter Changes

Cataclysm Beta Hunter Talent Tree
Cataclysm Beta Hunter Skill Drilldown
Blue Posts about Hunters:
Aimed Shot Cast Time / Dead Zone in Cataclysm
It's not a "dead zone." It's a minimum range. I say that because many hunters use "dead zone" to refer to an old design quirk where there was a range at which neither range nor melee attacks would work. We haven't had a dead zone for some time.

If a melee is up in your stuff, you have a couple of choices. Choice one is to use your melee abilities. Choice two, which will probably work out better, is to get away from them and resume using ranged attacks. You have several defensive cooldowns you can use to gain distance or survive long enough to gain distance. Your third choice is to keep shooting even with someone attacking you in melee. By design that is supposed to be quite ineffectual.

In Cataclysm, hunters have some capacity to do damage while moving, but again that's not going to be a super effective way of dealing damage. It's a last resort.

[...] I meant trying to shoot while someone is in melee with you isn't going to work out well. We don't want a model where the hunter goes about his merry way while melee dudes are trying to melee him. (Source)