Saturday, April 2, 2011

2k Rogue / Hunter

Siphter and I finally managed to get back to the illustrious 2k rating.

Marksmanship with a Spider pet ended up being the ticket.  Once I was able to get more used to Marks I can see how Marks is just night and day better than BM.  It makes me sad but Kill Command is just a bad signature shot for PvP.

In 3's as Hunter / Rogue / Resto Druid we are also doing much better with me as Marks.  I think we could possibly get to 2k with the comp but I'm not sure about anything after that.  The highest Hunter / Rogue / Resto Druid team in the world is 2.2k, but I'm partly sure that is because nobody runs with this comp (the other part is its just a inferior comp).

Well, my goal is still to get to 2.2k at some point with a 3's team.  Not sure if we'll ever reach that goal but it's another step closer with me as Marks.