Saturday, September 27, 2008


Updated: August 10, 2009


Full BM / Aimed (55/16/0)  
This build is for maximum burst / pet damage.  With high resilience my pet has a tougher time critting, which is why I pick up 5/5 Frenzy and 3/3 Cobra Strikes.

BM / Readiness (50/21/0)
Readiness resets Master's Call, Deterrence, Intimidation and Disengage.  This is a very defensive BM build that can still output very good burst.

BM / Aimed / Scatter (44/16/11)

This build gives BM the most control it can attain with Scatter Shot.  The high control comes at a cost of damage, as this build lacks the burst of full BM or even 50/21.

BM / Hunter vs Wild (48/0/23)

This build is a wishful build.  Without Aimed Shot, Careful Aim, Go for the Throat, Lethal and Mortal Shots this build lacks in offense.  The pet damage is probably very similar to the Full BM / Aimed build, but the Hunter damage is much less.  I mainly wish that Hunter vs Wild was a bit easier to attain as a BM Hunter.

BM PvP in Arena

Main Drawbacks:
  • Pet is significant part of damage (huge DoT on target), yet Pet is fragile in PvP
  • Resilience negates much of a Pet's crit chance, although Spider's Bite (only Ferocity pets) resolves the Resilience problem
  • Pathing issues create problems in PvP (ex. jumping off the bridge in blade's edge can cause your pet to take up to 10-20 seconds to get back on the target)
  • After the burst with Bestial Wrath, BM has a burst drought until BW is back up
  • Mainly physical damage, weak against high armor targets
Main Advantages:

  • Immune to CC with Beast Within, can use it strategically to insure a kill (or at least a ton of burst)
  • Improved mobility with extended Master's Call through Animal Handler talent
  • Strong burst potential during Beastial Wrath with Kill Command (especially on lower armored targets)
  • Anti-Melee with a Frost Trap, BW, Aspect of the DragonHawk, Disengage and Deterrence
  • Longevity reducing the cooldowns of Intimidation and BW to make the damage drought and CC drought less
  • Excels in shorter fights (cleave teams)


Chanman said...

Awesome man, keep up the great work.

Looking forward to more articles!

EmeraldreamHuntz said...

this build gives alot of health for you and pet, lots of ap, gives armor contribution plus 9% damage reduced when dragonhawk is on (the surv talent+aspect mastery)it kinda makes you "hard to kill"

Shaedon said...

That build is very unique, I like it. But when 3.0.8 comes out, I can't see going that far into Survival without picking up Explosive Shot, no matter how much survivability you lose.

Brunehammer said...

Great info, could you also expand upon any builds that allow a BM hunter to retain the 51 point exotics as well? or do you feel that exotics are all vane glory and not necessary in the grand scheme of damage dealing.

Shaedon said...

I posted a build that would be solid if you wanted to go 51 into BM, just realize that you do lose out on Scatter Shot.

Anonymous said...

with the 50/21/0 build, which ferocity pet would you recommend?

Shaedon said...

Actually, I might recommend just going with a Cunning pet still (roar of sacrifice). A Bat is a very good choice for the ranged stun. A spider is also good.

On the ferocity side, wolves and wasps are good.

Sithian said...

Hey buddy hows the pvp going for you? For me and my rogue team mate it's going up and down we seem to be sat at 1200 rating and im doubting BM :( Am i in the wrong spec for 1200rating?

the biggest issue we have are healers... 2 dps against us is lovely and easy but priest and warrior or vice versa is just horrible we're having stressful bad times lol could u point me some tips im BM and using a chimera

Shaedon said...

We are still hovering around 2100 ratings.

If you are having trouble with healer teams (that don't have a Paladin) then your burst is probably the problem.

Siphter and I have very good gear and that is how we are able to unload against some teams and kill someone in 5-10 seconds.

Anonymous said...

hey guys :) i play on a private server.. Which pet would be the best for a BM hunter...i currently use a Ravager(gives me a 2sec stun) nd high damage as its a cunning pet..

but the prob is mainly wenever they see a Bm hunter they go for the pet first Lol..nd after the pet is killed..the BM hunter stands a low chance on killing the opponent xD Sux..

SO should i change the Pet to something else..?..hehe suggest something :)

Shaedon said...

I would stick with a Ferocity pet, I like a Corehound for PvP. Ferocity is real nice for BM since it has the 9% extra crit which is huge against high resilience targets.

As for your pet getting blown up, I suggest macro'ing Mend Pet with Cower to help reduce damage to your pet during those times. Also pick up Heart of the Phoenix for an instant rez after they do kill your pet.

Thanh Nguyen said...

If you do get the Beast Mastery talent, I strong recommend using a chimaera. It's Froststorm Breath provides a 5s slow. Because you will (and should) get 3/3 Longevity, this skill's cd is reduced to 7s. Yeap, the enemy will only have 2s free of slow from your pet, but you have your slow too. So kiss a say goodbye to your buddies when you kite him from afar.

Dext said...

I'm currently leveling up using the PvP system, I'm currently using a BM spec and a ravager pet.

Is this the right pet to use, and should I follow the Full BM / Aimed (55/16/0) spec?


Shaedon said...

You don't really need to use PvP talents to level up, damage is more important.

As far as pet goes, whatever you prefer.

The nice thing about Hunter leveling is that you can almost do anything and still level easily.

Anonymous said...

Is BM still viable even though it doesn't scale as much? i'm talking mostly about BG though.

Shaedon said...

Yes, BM can still do well in BG's. Against high armor BM will do less well (mainly Paladins). Against cloth BM is still very good.

In Arena BM is really only good in BeastCleave.

dsp-hyunnie said...

Hey Erm For the 55/16/0 Build Isit good to use the Spirit Leopard?