Friday, November 28, 2008


Sting: 64 to 86 Nature damage, decreases target's armor by 1260 for 20 seconds (level 80).  While affected, the target cannot stealth or turn invisible.

The damage from Sting is actually a little bit less than the focus dump Smack, but it also costs only 20 focus, where Smack costs 25.  This leads me to believe that a Wasp is not even losing a tiny bit of damage with this special on auto-cast, but the Wasp probably does not gain any damage either.

The affect of Sting besides the damage is the real reason to get a Wasp.  Lowering your targets armor by 1260 is amazing vs. anyone with low armor.  Also the affect of not allowing stealth or invisibility is a big counter to a Rogues and Mages (great counter to instant invis from Arcane Mages).

Being a Ferocity pet, Wasps end up with the best tree for a BM hunter.  They can easily crit in PvP and can be instantly rezzed with Heart of the Phoenix.

Overall I love my Wasp for PvP and PvE.  The only thing I would change about it is the annoying sound of its wings buzzing... and now you can get rid of that noise by doing the following:

You basically just need to make a blank file (I just made an empty text file and renamed it accordingly) called "SilithidWingLoop2.wav" and put it here in your Wow game folder:

*wow program path* \Data\Sound\Creature\SilithidWasp\SilithidWingLoop2.wav"

That will override the default buzzing sound with nothing at all, which is blessed compared to what they do now. All their other sounds will play normally.

It seems all wasps at the moment use this same sound resource.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BM PvP Build Level 80: Hunter vs. Wild

Updated:  January 23rd 2009


This build encompasses The Beast Within, 2/3 Careful Aim and Hunter vs. Wild.  This is a heavy attack power and huge health build for a BM Hunter.  Survivalist + Hunter vs. Wild makes Stamina a very strong stat. 

Note: Without Aimed Shot you do lose some burst (although with Lock and Load helps add back some burst).  The 50% healing debuff is the largest loss in this build.  If you PvP with someone who provides a healing debuff than this build really shines (like I 2v2 with a Rogue, so I can get away without having Aimed Shot).


This is my spreadsheet that I have come up with to show the effects of Hunter vs. Wild:

I receive 438 attack power from Hunter vs. Wild with my 1,459 current Stamina.  My pet receives 534 attack power from Hunter vs. Wild (since my pet also scales from the 425 attack power that I receive from Hunter vs. Wild).

This was an extremely fun build to pursue.  I love that Stamina is a new stat that I can stack, it is very different from my usual stat collection.  I thoroughly enjoy having extremely high health, great attack power and a pet that is out for blood.  I also enjoy having The Beast Within available for those "oh shit" moments in PvP.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Level 80 Pet Leveling Build

After an enjoyable leveling experience to 80, I have reached the finish line... sort of.

Unfortunately, now I have to level some of my pets to 80.  This is going to be a time consuming process, taking many hours for each pet.  The options I now have at 80 allow me to build my character for the sole purpose of leveling pets.

The fastest way to level pets is aoe'ing mobs with Volley.  Unfortunately only Gorilla's can keep mobs off of you while you Volley.  So this build expects you to not have a Gorilla.  It offers top Volley damage while excellent protection from the many mobs attacking you during Volley.  Also, it has no mana downtime; infinite mana in Dragonhawk.  There is some health downtime though as your tanking these mobs, so you will probably need plenty of food or bandages.

Note: Some of the non essential talents I have are personal preference and may differ from popular opinion (ex. picking up Savage Strikes in Tier 1 of Surival because I hate having to switch my tracking to exactly what I'm killing) 

The essential points of this Pet Leveling Build are these:
  • Aspect Mastery
    • Reduces incoming damage by 5% when in Dragonhawk and also gives you 90 more attack power in Dragonhawk
  • Careful Aim, Lethal Shots & Mortal Shots
    • Careful Aim gives me 400 more attack power, the extra crit and damage on crit is very nice for Volley
  • Trueshot Aura
    • Self explanatory; gives me just over 300 attack power
  • Barrage & Improved Barrage
    • Increases damage of Volley by 12% and allows you to keep channeling Volley while being hit (essential, as only Gorilla's can keep mobs off you during Volley)
  • Rapid Recuperation & Rapid Killing
    • Zero downtime, always at 80% mana or more; essential for speed aoe'ing (never have to switch to Viper)
  • Survival Instincts
    • Reduces incoming damage by 4% (stacks with Aspect Mastery)
  • Hunter vs. Wild & Survivalist
    • The extra health from Survivalist is very nice and the extra attack power from Hunter vs. Wild is nothing to sneeze at.  I recieve 374 extra attack power from Hunter vs. Wild with my current gear.
I believe this build to be one of the fastest, if not the fastest, way to level pets up to 80.

Well, I guess its back to leveling...  *grumble grumble*... the only class to have to level past the cap...


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wrath of the Lich King BM Hunter Leveling Spec

My Leveling Spec at 70:

I went with Invigoration only because a Gorilla's Thunderstomp multiple crits will proc Invigoration multiple times (this is the only way that this talent is decent at all).

I didn't pick up GftT because I plan to mostly be using Volley, which does not proc GftT.

Frenzy isn't required as my pet is an aoe king, not a solo king; and this allows me to pick up better talents throughout the tree (better talents in respect to aoe leveling).

I plan to finish Serpent's Swiftness at 71.  And then put points into Kindred Spirits & Beast Mastery.  I'll probably finish up leveling by putting points into Hawk Eye for my personal satisfaction.

My Gorilla's Leveling Spec at 70:

Picked up the best tanking talent points available and plan to pick up Pet Barding as I level.
I'm not sure how long it will take to level from 70 to 80, but I bet it is going to be much more fun than 60 to 70, because of our much better ability to aoe.  
Oh, and head's up...  Glyph of Volley (Decreases the mana cost of Volley by 20%) will probably be available on the AH shortly after Wrath is released.  I advise picking that puppy up for aoe leveling.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Two Level 80 BM Hunter Builds for Arena Season 5

Arena Season 5 begins on December 16th.  That gives everyone a little over a month to get their 70 character to 80.  That should be enough time for most people to get to 80 if they only play one character to 80.  For Death Knights it will be a little bit tougher...

There are 2 difference specs I would like to try at 80.  One involves BM / Marks and the other is BM / Survival.

This is probably going to be very similar to most PvP BM Hunters come 80 (although I prefer Hawk Eye in all my builds).  Here is the BM / Marks build:

The BM / Survival build is my personal gem that I really want to try out come 80.  The premise is attaining Hunter vs Wild which gives you and your pet a lot of attack power, which BM lacks (in both the Hunter and pet).  It also makes Stamina the best stat to stack by far.  I chose Savage Strikes instead of 2 points instead of Improved Tracking because I find it really annoying to switch from Tracking Stealth since tracking is on the GCD.  Here is the build: 


Monday, November 3, 2008

Wolf - Furious Howl: My pet for PvP

Furious Howl is an ability that can always be up on your wolf (10 second duration on a 10 second cooldown).

It gives you and your party 138 attack power (which is very nice for 2v2 or 3v3 with my Rogue friend).  But it also buffs your pets attack power by 168!  Since by boosting your attack power, your giving more attack power (30) to your pet along with the 138 attack power of Furious Howl.

This is a nice ability since its a self buff and cannot be resisted, blocked, dodged or parried.  The wolf is also a Ferocity pet so it can reliably crit in PvP (Ferocious Inspiration & Frenzy do not go to waste) and has great survivability talents (Lick Your Wounds & Heart of the Phoenix).  Also Call of the Wild is freaking ridiculous, 20 second Trueshot Aura, thank you.

This pet seems to be a true winner for a double dps Rogue Hunter team, and even for a 3's team with a Rogue, Hunter and Healer.  I cannot wait until 80 to get more pet talent points and talent points for myself.  A little under 2 weeks...