Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hunters GCD being Lowered? Arena PvP: 1800 and 1950 team, TR & MLG Columbus

Hunter GCD Reduction:
Ghostcrawler mentioned on the forums that a Hunter GCD reduction could happen because of the incoming resource change (mana to focus). 

If Hunters actually receive a 1 second Global Cooldown (like Rogues) instead of a 1.5 second Global Cooldown the difference between good Hunters and bad Hunters should be more evident.  Faster reaction times and faster thinking would play more of a role in the best Hunters.  With our burst reduction in Cataclysm this change seems needed, but time will tell.

Arena Team: 1950 and 1800
My Hunter / Druid team hit 1950 and my Warlock / Rogue team hit 1800 this week.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hunter Druid 2v2, BRK Returns

Over the past month or so I have been playing both my Warlock and my Hunter.  My Warlock joined Siphter's arena team to play as Warlock Rogue.  I definitely can feel a much better synergy than what my Hunter had with his Rogue.  We are already 1700 and my warlock still has horrible weapons and Furious arena gear.

My friend also has a Druid.  My Hunter joined up with his Druid and now we are 1800 with him in mostly Furious arena gear, and he's attaining his arena weapons over the next week or so which will help immensely.  After always playing double dps with my Hunter it's a bit odd to get used to dps with a healer.  Games are much longer, but almost every game is winnable.