Monday, November 1, 2010

4.0 & Cataclysm Hunter Abilities that Need Change

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile.  The changes that 4.0 brought got me down.  Right now things look pretty grim for Hunters from a mechanical / game play standpoint.

My list of Hunter Changes that would make the mechanics / game play better:

  • All focus damaging shots lowered by about 50%
    • This change would enable a larger window of choice in the first few seconds of a fight instead of shooting off two abilities and being out of focus.
  • Trap Launcher should be an innate ability of all traps and could be toggled on or off depending on players preference (or something similar)
  • Remove Freezing Trap or change it into Freezing Shot that has the same cast time as Fear, Polymorph, etc. and rebalance Hunters accordingly
  • Pet Resurrection time needs to be reduced to 3 or 4 seconds or Hunters need an instant rez ability that has a few minute cooldown that is available for all pet types (not just Ferocity)
  • Spell Penetration should not be required for Marks / Survival or Traps
  • Hunter pets should have the Hunters full resilience again, they die way too quickly again
  • Tranquilizing Shot should not cost any focus or should dispel 2 buffs
  • Black Arrow should heal the Hunter so Survival Hunters have a way to heal themselves similar to Spirit Beasts for BM and Chimera Shot for Marks