Thursday, March 4, 2010

Patch 3.3.3 Hunter Changes

Ferocious Inspiration (BM Talent) - Now gives a 1/2/3% damage aura (100 yards) instead of on pet crit and increases steady shot damage by 9% and still gives arcane shot a 9% damage boost.

The change to an aura coincides with other class skill procs that are expected to be always up changing to auras as well.  For PvE it is a convenience change, for PvP it is a slight buff (as your pet won't always be able to easily crit currently to always have the buff up).

The addition of steady shot 9% buff to the talent makes it a significant PvE buff that helps bring BM PvE damage almost in line with Survival (Marksmanship is still easily tops with good gear).  This steady shot buff for PvP is a slight buff, since steady shot can easily be LoS'ed by competent players (or just ignored if the target has high armor).