Friday, October 2, 2009

WoW Racial Poll

The question was: Which race will your hunter be after Cataclysm is released and race changes are made available?  

Poll Results:
965 Votes

Worgen  -  254 Votes (26%)
Night elf  - 113 Votes (11%)

Goblin   -  110 Votes (11%)
Orc      -     99 Votes (10%)
Troll     -     99 Votes (10%)
Undead   -  71 Votes (7%)
Human   -   70 Votes (7%)
Dwarf    -   61 Votes (6%)
Blood elf  - 44 Votes (4%)
Tauren   -   24 Votes (2%)
Draenei   -  20 Votes (2%)

I was surprised with the results of the Hunter racial poll.

I didn't realize that Trolls would be as popular as Orcs.

I expected Goblins to also fair better than Worgens as a jump forward seems to clearly be better than a sprint ability in PvP (unless you would be immune to slowing effects when under sprint).  I expect that the reason Worgens might be so popular is because of their unique look.  It would basically be like have two beasts as a Hunter (yourself and your pet).

The Tauren and Draenei races got very little love in this poll.

I'll be interested to see what racial changes blizzard will make come Cataclysm.  I might just have to redo this poll after those changes are announced.

On a side note, patch 3.3 has been released on the PTR and some initial changes are up.  I will probably put up a 3.3 Hunter Patch compilation page sometime over the next few days.


michael said...

bah night elves, they are so cliche

Anonymous said...

The worgen will have to wait. A while back a post on MMO-Champion quoted a blue stating Goblin/Worgen will not be options for race changes when it is fully implemented.