Thursday, March 4, 2010

Patch 3.3.3 Hunter Changes

Ferocious Inspiration (BM Talent) - Now gives a 1/2/3% damage aura (100 yards) instead of on pet crit and increases steady shot damage by 9% and still gives arcane shot a 9% damage boost.

The change to an aura coincides with other class skill procs that are expected to be always up changing to auras as well.  For PvE it is a convenience change, for PvP it is a slight buff (as your pet won't always be able to easily crit currently to always have the buff up).

The addition of steady shot 9% buff to the talent makes it a significant PvE buff that helps bring BM PvE damage almost in line with Survival (Marksmanship is still easily tops with good gear).  This steady shot buff for PvP is a slight buff, since steady shot can easily be LoS'ed by competent players (or just ignored if the target has high armor).

I don't think BM is going to be that interesting in PvP with these changes, but every little bit helps.  The big change that will change everything is when pet crit scales with player crit.  That change will give BM a ton more possibilities.

What have I been up to recently?  I've been PvP'ing with my Hunter in 2's and 3's.  We are close to 1900 in 2's and close to 1800 in 3's.  I've also been leveling my new class.  I guess I'm just a sucker for pet classes as I chose to level a Warlock and am already level 35.


Shaedon said...

Just got to 1951 in 2's as Hunter / Rogue. I was spec'd as my Marks spec.

My warlock is coming along nicely as I just hit level 50.

David said...

Hey Shaedon,

Congrats on your 1951! You did it as marks, eh? What do you find preferable for your two's with a rogue; marks or survival? Obviously BM is out of the question now? :)

Shaedon said...

We did it with Marks.

BM doesn't have the options and CC that are needed to beat any team other than clothies that it can blow up.

I've recently changed my BM spec to Survival and have been trying that out as well.

I've been playing a ton on my warlock over the past few weeks. My warlock is almost 77 and my friend has a druid that's at the same place level wise.

We will probably stop trying to make Rogue / Hunter work in 2's and pickup his Druid to play as Hunter / Druid in 2's.

David said...

Druid will be resto I take it?

Shaedon said...

Resto is the plan.