Monday, November 1, 2010

4.0 & Cataclysm Hunter Abilities that Need Change

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile.  The changes that 4.0 brought got me down.  Right now things look pretty grim for Hunters from a mechanical / game play standpoint.

My list of Hunter Changes that would make the mechanics / game play better:

  • All focus damaging shots lowered by about 50%
    • This change would enable a larger window of choice in the first few seconds of a fight instead of shooting off two abilities and being out of focus.
  • Trap Launcher should be an innate ability of all traps and could be toggled on or off depending on players preference (or something similar)
  • Remove Freezing Trap or change it into Freezing Shot that has the same cast time as Fear, Polymorph, etc. and rebalance Hunters accordingly
  • Pet Resurrection time needs to be reduced to 3 or 4 seconds or Hunters need an instant rez ability that has a few minute cooldown that is available for all pet types (not just Ferocity)
  • Spell Penetration should not be required for Marks / Survival or Traps
  • Hunter pets should have the Hunters full resilience again, they die way too quickly again
  • Tranquilizing Shot should not cost any focus or should dispel 2 buffs
  • Black Arrow should heal the Hunter so Survival Hunters have a way to heal themselves similar to Spirit Beasts for BM and Chimera Shot for Marks


Anonymous said...

Actually I loved the mechanics as soon as they came out. In fact it was more a buff if anything. The cost of abilities feels right to me. Pet resurrection is fine. Freezing trap pwns and always has. Why should tranq shot not cost focus? I'm sorry but all I'm reading here is /cry hunters need more buffs when we actually got an awesome one. I would love to discuss why you feel this way about hunters but you do need to back up why you feel the way you do.

Shaedon said...

In PvE the mechanics make total sense. But when you get to PvP it's really just clunky. PvP just seems to be an after thought from the Dev Team on Hunters. Our defense is just plain bad. Our offense is okay in PvP, great in PvE.

Anonymous said...

It sucks that they are changing the monkey's cc every other class can bind you up so you cant even use a trinket and can still do all the damge they want why does a hunter have to be the only class with out this cc ability?
And as for the comment from anonymous,He must not pvp lol and as far sa frost trap goes it uded to be great but now evry class has at least 2 ways to ignore it. mages blink or trinket out,rogues trinket or shadow step out, warriors charge or intervenr or trinket out,druids trinket or pounce out its almost useless in pvp anymore . they should have it so if they are in a frost trap they cant use a ability to get out just trinket out.As for our damage i still have mages,priest and warloks out dps me almost 3 to 1 and im geared dor pvp and know how to play .They really need to do something about hunters armor i have 3200 resil and still take 30k hits from casters .Again im talking pvp as for pve we are at best ok but nothing like anonymous seem to think we are .