Saturday, April 2, 2011

2k Rogue / Hunter

Siphter and I finally managed to get back to the illustrious 2k rating.

Marksmanship with a Spider pet ended up being the ticket.  Once I was able to get more used to Marks I can see how Marks is just night and day better than BM.  It makes me sad but Kill Command is just a bad signature shot for PvP.

In 3's as Hunter / Rogue / Resto Druid we are also doing much better with me as Marks.  I think we could possibly get to 2k with the comp but I'm not sure about anything after that.  The highest Hunter / Rogue / Resto Druid team in the world is 2.2k, but I'm partly sure that is because nobody runs with this comp (the other part is its just a inferior comp).

Well, my goal is still to get to 2.2k at some point with a 3's team.  Not sure if we'll ever reach that goal but it's another step closer with me as Marks.


David said...

That's awesome, mate. Congrats! A shame BM couldn't be more successful for you, but I can certainly see why Marks is the way to go. Too much utility and on-demand burst.

Any advice on some basics for 2v2 as marks with a dps partner (ie, not a healer...)?

For example, when do you blow readiness? Offensively? Defensively? Or does it depend.

Shaedon said...

It definitely depends. I would say on average I use Readiness more for defense and when I do use it for offensive purpose it is more than just 2 Chimera Shots in a row, I try to maximize almost everything it resets.

I still haven't played Marks long enough to give too much advice on the spec.

Chimera Shot is the reason Marks does so well though. If Kill Command ignored half or all of the targets armor BM would be almost instantly viable.

Shaedon said...

Above is a link to one of the best BM Hunters in the world Arena Junkies Forum Post that has video.

Since you like to play with a Feral I suggest you watch it and look at his armory as Hunter / Feral Druid has potential to be a lot better than Hunter / Rogue.

David said...

Excellent video. Thanks for the heads up.

Oonoes said...

Well, also, kill command relies on your pet being within melee range of the target, which can sometimes be a pain. And also, I found it having line of sight issues for seemingly no reason, especially if the person is really humping the pillar.

As for readiness, I wouldn't save it like its a trump card or anything. If you have a need to use a certain ability again right now, just blow it and use it again, especially if you don't have a healer. Better to use it and only have it be marginally useful then don't use it at all before you die.

Dominium said...

Hey Shaedon,
I just began 2's as a BM hunter, just did around 15 matches and it's going pretty good, my partner is very badly geared (700 resil and no trinket >.>).
I absolutely love my burst with my 'Nuke Macro' -> All CDs, trinket, pet CDs etc and the target gets incinerated by ~20k arcane shots (I've got 22k RAP). I also have 4 spirit beasts which (+the heal) I love.
Now my question is, should I really go MM? How is the burst? I heard it's very AiS dependant, which means if the target goes out of LoS I'll fail.
My partner is a boomkin, but I am also thinking about a warrior.
Maybe I should get to ~1500 as BM zerging and then go MM?
Thanks for the help!
Dominium Aerie Peak EU

Shaedon said...

I would try both.

I think there is a place for BM, it does seem to mesh well with Feral Druids. Not sure how great it is with other specs/classes. It also depends on your playstyle and your comfort level with BM vs Marks.

If you enjoy playing arena you have time to figure out which one works better. Play 10 games with one spec than play 10 games with the other.

BM's strength is against cloth targets and has a great 10 second window of burst.

Marks strength is its utility with Silencing Shot and Readiness. Also Chimera Shot enables it to have burst every 10 seconds.

Dominium said...

Thanks for the quick answer!
I guess I'll go spec MM and try out a couple of games as you suggested, I'll see how it goes. 1 question thoe, when my chimera is on CD, what should I spam if I can use Aimed Shot (target is LoSing me). Arcane Shot?

Anyway, as I said I'll go check it out and see what happens :P I will miss my spirit beasts thoe and my heal :(


Shaedon said...

Yes, the heal is very nice as BM, it can be huge if you can los for awhile and survive for another round of burst.

In between Chimera Shots you mostly spam Steady Shot as focus is much more limited as Marks. At most you can get off 1 or 2 Arcane Shots. You want to get your steadies in combo's of 2's as it gives you the 15% haste.

It is tough to get off any hard cast Aimed Shots in arena, for sure. The only time it might be possible is when you use Rapid Fire.

Dominium said...

Thanks for the tips!
Last question, I promise.
What pet should I use? Should I go for cat (as I do in BGs) or spider for the web? Using the spider I will loose out a lot of damage, but will have time to nuke my target with aimed shots.

Shaedon said...

Use the cat before gates open, dismiss and buff yourself with Roar of Courage (macro them together).

Then call out your spider before gates open. You will have about 50 seconds of the Roar of Courage buff, so if you can engage early without getting into a bad position do it.

Being able to web somebody down to either do damage or get away is highly useful and worth it over the always on cat buff.

Dominium said...

I did 6 games as MM with my partner and I really didn't like it. I must say that when I pop my nuke macro and my target is in one place and cloth/leather the burst is great, but still can't come close to BM burst. Mostly that as BM I could run ALL THE TIME while spamming arcane shots for 20k damage each (while in "nuke phase" :P) and here I gota stand ;-(
Also I miss my Loque and Skoll :(
I must say that I LOVE MM in BGs :D but I think I'll stay BM for arenas, for now.
Thank you!