Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hunter Druid 2v2, BRK Returns

Over the past month or so I have been playing both my Warlock and my Hunter.  My Warlock joined Siphter's arena team to play as Warlock Rogue.  I definitely can feel a much better synergy than what my Hunter had with his Rogue.  We are already 1700 and my warlock still has horrible weapons and Furious arena gear.

My friend also has a Druid.  My Hunter joined up with his Druid and now we are 1800 with him in mostly Furious arena gear, and he's attaining his arena weapons over the next week or so which will help immensely.  After always playing double dps with my Hunter it's a bit odd to get used to dps with a healer.  Games are much longer, but almost every game is winnable.

With healer dps in 2's the healer has to know when to heal and when to dps.  Their dps at critical points is what wins games.  Positioning in 2's is also extremely important.  Understanding where to be comes in time after playing the comp for awhile.  We are still learning a lot about the Druid Hunter comp in 2's, but its nice having a comp that has some synergy.

I tried all three hunter specs with a Resto Druid.  Survival did okay.  Pump in a lot of explosive shots and hope for a lot of crits.  Beast Mastery did bad.  No control with scatter shot and limited damage verse armored targets.  Marksmanship did the best.  Great burst for when someone steps out into the open for a few seconds.  Great defensive or offensive capabilities with readiness, and Silencing Shot is oh so nice.  Only problem comes in the form of sting removal classes (Shaman, Paladin and Druid).  However, survival doesn't perform any better vs these classes, so Marksmanship is still the way to go.

In other news Big Red Kitty is back!  I've added his blog to my Hunter Blog list.  Looking forward to his posts about the alpha & beta of Cataclysm.


Nate said...

I have a MM pvp hunter as well. I'm wondering what to gem the pvp gear with.. agil which I have right now or armor pen. I was unable to get into a 3v3 team because I was not gemmed armor pen, but I was unaware that was better than agil.

Shaedon said...

There are different routes as a Marksmanship Hunter. Some Marks Hunters prefer Agility, Crit, Armor Pen or even Attack Power gemming.

Agility probably gives you the most bang for your buck stat wise, especially if you have a Paladin on your team that gives you Kings (although against dispel teams it might not be that great).

David said...

Hi Shaedon,

If you mentioned this already, I apologize. But what spec is your warlock?

Also, I have posted in the past (way in the past) that I am part of a team with a feral druid. I used to be BM, and he feral, all the way back since season 1. The highest we ever attained was about 1800 back in tbc. Since WotLK, however, we haven't even broken 1600.

I ended up starting a ret paladin, and actually really enjoy it. However, the lack of a MS in any way means (yet again) guaranteed loss against most healer teams. We have yet to go much above 1500 with this combo. We are both in full relentless (with wrathful offsets).

My point in all of this is that I also have a lvl 77 warlock that I have been thinking of getting to 80. Of my three characters (hunter, paladin, warlock) regardless of spec, do you have an opinion of which one would work best with my feral druid buddy? He will never be resto, only feral.

Thanks again for the blog. Always a good read.

David said...

Oh. I also have a 78 druid as well. Which I would happily play as resto or balance. Just not feral, not after what I see my friend have to go through... :)

Shaedon said...

Hunter / Feral Druid might actually be viable, but probably with Survival or Marks.

The Feral would have to be very good at knowing when to pop out and heal and when to CC, and of course when to unload some burst.

My warlock is specced the standard PvP Affliction and Destruction (you can check out my armory link at the top right of this page). I use both in PvP and both seem to do well for the amount of gear I have.

I would probably go back to Hunter / Feral Druid and try playing with Survival or Marks (probably Marks) and see what you can do.

You'll have scatter / trap to help with his cyclones in the CC department.

I'm guessing you'll probably be target most of the time, and he'll have to pop out and heal from time to time, but you'll want to offensively pressure them so they aren't doing very good damage to you.

Shaedon said...

Oh, and I think the best possible Feral 2's comp is Feral Druid / Disc Priest.

David said...

May I ask why you think disc is the best route with feral? is it mainly the offensive dispells?

I know I find, with ret/feral, not being able to purge buffs almost as much of a hindrance as not having a MS ability.

Shaedon said...

Feral Druid / Disc Priest is the comp that really allowed Feral Druids the possibility of being a top tier team.

I'm not sure why they are so successful. I'm guessing it has to do with the priest being able to go offensive with magic damage and spam dispels when needed.

Also, fear and cyclone combine to form some impressive CC chains.