Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hunters GCD being Lowered? Arena PvP: 1800 and 1950 team, TR & MLG Columbus

Hunter GCD Reduction:
Ghostcrawler mentioned on the forums that a Hunter GCD reduction could happen because of the incoming resource change (mana to focus). 

If Hunters actually receive a 1 second Global Cooldown (like Rogues) instead of a 1.5 second Global Cooldown the difference between good Hunters and bad Hunters should be more evident.  Faster reaction times and faster thinking would play more of a role in the best Hunters.  With our burst reduction in Cataclysm this change seems needed, but time will tell.

Arena Team: 1950 and 1800
My Hunter / Druid team hit 1950 and my Warlock / Rogue team hit 1800 this week.

I still feel like we are learning a lot with our Hunter / Druid comp and with his Druid getting some much needed weapons after hitting 1800 we were able to cruise to 1950 with a lot of his arena gear still being Furious.  I expect when he is able to upgrade to Wrathful with a couple more pieces and as we learn to play our comp even better we will easily climb above 2k. 

1800 has been the bane of my Warlocks existence as I have had the crappiest Item Level 200 weapons since I dinged 80.  This week was quite rough as most of it was spent trying to figure out how to get my Warlock to 1800 so I could upgrade the crappiest part of my gear and really upgrade my character. 

After switching between Warlock / Druid and Warlock / Rogue to see which comp would be the easiest to get to 1800, my lack of gear gave Warlock / Rogue the edge, even though Warlock / Druid is probably the better comp (although both comps are great).

I kept switching from Affliction to Destruction to see what worked better and Affliction ended up being the better spec which allowed us to hit 1800.  Warlock / Rogue can definitely be a top tier comp, as we were beating 2k Rogue / Priest teams pretty easily and even found a way to beat Paladin / Warrior teams.  The only team that seems impossible is Paladin / Death Knight.   

My other friend has come back to WoW with a Mage and so we will most likely play Druid / Warlock / Mage in 3's as a form of Wizard Cleave. 

Tournament Realm and MLG Columbus:
On the Tournament Realm the practice phase has ended and the real phase has begun.  This phase will last a month and the top 8 teams will continue to regionals.  The current standing is below (the "real" phase has just begun so there will be a lot of movement).

MLG Columbus is coming up in a week and will have 14-16 teams attending.  This should prove to be some entertaining arena matches as their wont be the usual one dominating comp that every team plays but a very diverse field of comps.  And there will be some fresh blood with about 15 new players who have never been to the tournament scene.


David said...

So tell me. Which class do you enjoying playing more? I know that is a very complicated question, but do you find the warlock a 'better' class than your hunter? vise versa? I've had my hunter since 2005 and I am looking into changing to warlock one of these days. So I'm curious of your opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of each, and which one just feels 'stronger' to you?

Glad to see you're doing so well with both teams though!

Shaedon said...

Even though my warlock still has quite a bit less gear than my Hunter I feel more versatile on my Warlock by far.

The two things I miss on my Warlock that my Hunter has are 50% healing debuff and deterrence (a quick defensive ability). Yeah, teleport is very unique and awesome, but on some maps you can't do shizz when people train you and it would be nice to have a 5 second super defensive ability.

The CC on my Warlock is so much better than my Hunter. AOE Fear or AOE Stun plus always being able to fear whenever I want is so extremely useful.

After playing a Warlock I fully realize how horrible the trap system is for CC. It's just stupid.

So overall I feel like the Warlock class is better than the Hunter class. Who knows what it will be like in Cataclysm though.

I really enjoy having two classes that I can play pretty well, it mixes things up nicely for me.

David said...

Hmmm. Very interesting indeed. I'm more or less fed up with the hunter. It isn't because it's a weak class, since I know it is not. It's just that I cannot get the gear I know I need. I don't raid, and I can't get above 1650. Which means my weapon is a iLevel 232 at best. Just doesnt pack enough of a punch. Not to mention zero access to pve trinkets or rings.

So now it is mainly a toss up between warlock and shadowpriest. I have both at around level 75. Have you much of an opinion on Shadowpriests? Do you find them much weaker / stronger than warlocks?

Thanks for all the tips, Shaedon. Much appreciated.

Shaedon said...

As of right now Shadow Priests might be slightly better than Warlocks, or at least easier to play at a high level. Of course I have no experience playing a Shadow Priest so my assumption isn't the greatest.

If you think you'll ever like the healing aspect of Priests it would give you more choices. Since you have a Hunter you already have a pet class and if pets aren't that great in Cataclysm having a Warlock and Hunter might be bad.

I tend to like my Warlock and the options I have. I think I would like a Shadow Priest if I had one at a high level, as they are just so utterly boring to play at low level.

So really, either way would probably work out. I think having another class to play with our Hunters is the best thing a Hunter can do with the massive changes coming to Hunters in Cataclysm. You never know if Hunters will be massively underpowered for months when Cataclysm comes out (of course they could be overpowered just as easily... yeah right...)