Thursday, August 11, 2011

Other Games

I have stopped playing World of Warcraft this summer.  I highly doubt I will play World of Warcraft again, and definitely not before another expansion.

I have mainly been playing a modified version of Diablo 2 and League of Legends this summer.

Diablo 2 Epic Mod

My mod for diablo 2 makes it more challenging while making quite a few abilities a lot more interesting.  Yet the core gameplay of Diablo 2 is still there.

The installation to get it all working is slightly more difficult than just loading Diablo 2, but instructions are on the site and it makes for a much more interesting game.


Anonymous said...

a shame ur leaving WoW... I liked your writing style and information... but now I YOu have forced me to say "cya... don't wanna be ya"... ciao said...

Why did you leave wow :( so sad...