Tuesday, December 23, 2008

1st Week Top 100 Arena 2v2 Results

Note: I know that 2v2 is the toughest for Blizzard to balance, but it is the most played bracket.

The end of the first week of Season 5 Arena has come and we begin to see trends of the best classes in 2v2 at the moment.  One team was incomplete (only had one high ranked player), so there were only 199 players out of the usual 200.

Top 100 in Arena 2v2

62 Paladins (31%)
54 Death Knights (27%)
23 Rogues (11.5%)
17 Mages (8.5%)
13 Priests (6.5%)
9 Hunters (4.5%)
8 Shamans (4%)
8 Druids (4%)
5 Warriors (2.5%)
0 Warlocks (0%)

  • Paladins and Death Knights trending higher than early in the 1st week (didn't think that was possible).
  • Mages and Rogues trending lower than early in the 1st week (being replaced by DK's and Paladins).
  • Priests trending higher, Hunters trending lower.  Other classes without significant shifts of representation.

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