Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nuramoc Tamed

@6:26 (Server Time), December 16th, on Blackrock, Nuramoc was tamed.

Details and information after pic.

Siphter, my loyal Rogue friend, spotted her for me.  Luckily I was logged out right by the bridge.  I logged in and flew about 50 yards to the left of this image and tamed Nuramoc.

It had been an interesting day since earlier in the day I had seen my first Nuramoc in the wild (it was on the PTR).  She flies in a figure 8 wherever she spawns.  She does not despawn in one hour if no one touches her like some people have suggested (I was afk with her for over an hour and a half).  She does fly fast, about normal mount speed.

She doesn't fly as high as some people have suggested, about only 10 yards up most the time.  Here are some pics:


Wow.  It has been a lot of camping and flying to try to find this rare beast.  I tried to tame her after the 3.0.2 patch came out and there was just too much competition, and I finally gave up.  But this time around, I stuck with it as there was hardly any competition so I knew I could eventually snag me a Nuramoc.  She is beautiful.

Oh, and by the way, the Arena season has begun...  I will have to jump in this week and see how I fair...  We will see if there is any type of PvP balance at 80...


Jacaré said...

What do you think about chimaera in PVE and PVP wise?

Shaedon said...

A Chimaera is not the best pet for PvE or PvP. It's situational pet at best.

The main problem with a Chimaera is that is a Cunning pet, which already makes it inferior to all the Tenacity and Ferocity pets.

The Froststorm Breath is the best slow in the game, but if your pet dies instantly when targeted, it does not slow the target for long.

I spent some time PvE'ing with this pet after taming Nuramoc, and came to the conclusion it can do decent in PvE.

Sadly, it will never be a top contender in PvE or PvP until the Cunning tree is buffed.