Friday, May 15, 2009

Hunter / Rogue 2152

Siphter and I climbed almost 200 points this week, as last week we were below 2k.

Siphter specced back to a Shadowstep / Hemo build and we did a lot better at finishing our targets.  The mobility that Siphter has with Shadowstep allows him to instantly move into the fight from a safe distance so that he is not pulled out of stealth with aoe effects.

I have switched from using a Wasp to now using my Chimaera.  Roar of Sacrifice helps me live quite a bit longer.  The Froststorm Breath is a great slow and helps keep our target slowed all the time.  I do miss 9% extra pet crit and Heart of the Phoenix that Ferocity pets have (mostly that crit that my pet doesn't have).

Above 2k, we won 6 games in a row, 4 away from getting flawless victor; would have been pretty cool if we could have gotten that.

We faced a double rogue team that instantly killed Siphter.  But I was able to kill both the Rogues even though they were able to get away with a vanish (love BM w/ a Chimaera).

Our queues were a bit better this week, as we faced off vs Rogue teams half the games (and won about 90% of them).

We still have trouble with most Ret Paladin and Holy Paladin teams. 

I am confident we can get to 2200, but with Tier 2 weapons at 2350, that is our new long term goal.  Getting to 2350 is going to be amazingly difficult as Hunter / Rogue, but if we get some lucky queues, it is in the realm of possibility.
My favorite BM PvP macro:

/cast Rapid Fire
/cast Kill Command
/cast Blood Fury(Racial)
/cast Call of the Wild
/cast Bestial Wrath
/cast [target=player] Roar of Sacrifice
/cast Intimidation
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()


Trackerbr - Warsong said...

LOL.. I´ll apreciate a lot, more and more macros like this one, I already studing BM and Suv PVP macros. Just now Im in needed at some "Get off from me" Melee macro to get away the fu#$% "Come here Honey" DK Skill or the "WTF let me go!" Paly combos. What you deal with this Shaedon ????

Shaedon said...

That is my main big macro that I use.

Most of my other moves are on the Global Cooldown so they really can't be macro'd.

Trackerbr - Warsong said...

Right now do you prefer Suv ou BM to PVP ??? I´m using a Nuramoc too with my BM PVP Spec, follow all that I find here at your blog: Talent, Pets....
I´m studing now Suv spec, macro and shot rotation: I have some problems right now with move shots.

"When I grow up I'll like to be like Uncle Shaedon" =)

David said...

So how do you spec the Chimera?

I am doing 2v2 with a feral druid and we just get WHOPPED by any team with a paladin. We are sitting at around 1750 and paladins ALONE are keeping us from improving. I am not exaggerating when I say that 70% of the teams we face have paladins in them. Unbelievably frustrating.

So I thought I would give the chimera a try, as I have never pvp'd with one. Do you have a suggested Chimera spec?

Shaedon said...

My Chimaera Spec:

BM PvP is pretty much the only way I can successfully 2v2 as Double DPS.

As Hunter / Rogue we lose to a lot of Paladin teams also. BoP and Shield are just so detrimental to Double DPS teams.

We sometimes queue a ton of Paladin teams and then sometimes we queue lots of Rogue teams... it is just chance and winning when you get a chance at versing non Paladin teams.

David said...

Thanks for the info, Shaedon.

One more quick question: Do you leave bullheaded on auto cast or do you cast it when needed?

Shaedon said...

I leave it on autocast.

David said...

Great. Thanks for all of your help, Shaedon.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently a Pally paired with a Surv Hunter. Could anyone recommend a good resource so that I could learn more about what my Hunter should/should not be doing? We're currently barely climbing and we're only 1200 rating. We had one match this week where I did 2.1M healing to no avail (The match that never ended) so I'm presuming my healing is just fine. I've had an 1850 rating with 3v3 and 5v5 but normally hadn't competed much in 2v2. Ty.