Friday, May 29, 2009

Hunter DPS 3.1.3

Hunters are recieving two more buffs since the Ranged Weapon hotfix.  Hunter's Mark is going from 300 to 500 and the talent Master Marksman is now also affecting Aimed and Chimera Shot (mana wise).

These changes will cause each tree to gain a somewhat different amount of DPS:

Marksmanship:  +196 DPS
Survival:  +148 DPS
Beast Mastery:  +79 DPS
These changes have minimal affect on PvP since Hunter's Mark is usually instantly dispelled and costs mana and a GCD; however, the mana changes should help Marksmanship slightly in PvP.
It is unfortunate that the Beast Mastery tree continues to fall further behind since Hunter's Mark does not help out a pets damage at all.  Unless blizzard decides to buff the Beast Mastery tree in some way, I see even less BM Hunters in the future (not that I see many in the present).
Here is the update in DPS for each Hunter Tree come 3.1.3 (25 man raid, with my gear and talents as mentioned in each Tree page on this site):

Survival:  +6769
Marksmanship:  +6613
Beast Mastery:  +6211
Marksmanship and Survival are neck and neck, while BM is left behind, especially since if a BM Hunter loses their pet, their DPS plummets.


Orcha said...

I had a beautiful dream last night. Blizzard revealed the secret why they so step motherly been treating the BM tree. They had a great master plan to turn the hunters pet into viable tanks, able to tank any instance as well as any other tanking class. To make this transition, they needed to make huge changes into to hunter abilities.
Since Blizzard loves Hunters so much, it was really hurting for them to enforce these changes and make everyone change over night. So they came up with a plan that would make hunters abandon the BM tree, which, after all, was the most suitable tree for this change. Once Blizzard saw that most hunters turned to MM and survival they launched their master plan released and new patch and Hunters pets turned in to wonderful tanks.

This was just smashing! I remember thinking, wonder what they are going to do with the other two DPS classes? And then, I woke up…

Trackerbr - Warsong said...

Finally some good news from Blizzard

We think it’s probably time to let pets scale, to some extent, with resilience and spell pen.
The way pets scale from the master’s stats was implemented (on our side) in a slightly clunky way which made it difficult to add additional stats. In BC, it took some effort to kill a pet so it wasn’t a burning problem for us. In LK, we have bumped up pet health a few times, but we are thinking now that the balance will never work right without some crit mitigation. Pets will never scale right with gear as long as the master improves in ways that don’t benefit the pet.
We have a new way to let pets scale, and assuming it works, we should be able to give the pets scale with all relevant stats from the master, from hit to haste to crit. Some things will need to scale at 100%, since it’s silly to have your pet inherit part of your +hit.
No promises until you actually see it live, but that’s what we are thinking at the moment.
We don’t want you to have to stack stats on your character just to benefit your pet. For example, we currently let warlock demons earn melee hit based on the caster’s spell hit.

Trackerbr - Warsong said...

Hey Shaedon where are you man????!!!!!!1

Shaedon said...

I'm around, but don't have much to really report on at the moment. Also been busy with work.

It's a very slow month in WoW at the moment. Having fun leveling my 2nd horde hunter though (currently at 42).

Trackerbr - Warsong said...

Go go go =)

Do you wanna make a Hunter here at Warsong server ???