Saturday, May 9, 2009

Slow Going

Things have been slow on the WoW front these past two weeks.

In PvE news, my guild has not been able to get a 25 man Ulduar raid going since the patch, and the future doesn't look good.  10 man Ulduar is okay, but the enjoyment wears off quickly when there aren't many gear upgrades.

In PvP news, the Tier 2 Weapons have been moved to 2350 rating requirement from 2200.  As Hunter / Rogue we had a shot at getting to 2200 (we were at 2150 earlier this week), but 2350 is out of our league.

I really hope blizzard decides to do a minor overhaul on the Hunter class in PvP.  Being okay in 5v5, bad in 3v3 and terrible in 2v2 is not fun when 90% of people only play 2v2 (yes, I'm part of that demographic).
Blizzard should give Beast Mastery Hunters another shot or ability in their arsenal as they are downright boring to play in PvE and need some major utility in PvP.

It would be easiest to replace the BM 51 point with this new shot/ability (the functionality of the increased pet talents could go to Animal Handler, and the ability to train Exotic pets could also go there or stay as part of the new 51 point talent).

My vision for the new 51 point BM talent (Arcane Spit):
Hunter commands pet to Arcane Spit for 1500 Arcane damage on target (25 yard range) and also gives the hunter a buff that allows their next Arcane Shot to silence for 2 seconds (buff lasts 30 seconds).

The cooldown on Arcane Spit would be around 10 seconds.  The ability would cost mana, but would have no energy cost for the pet.  The ability would be on the Global Cooldown.

This would give PvE BM Hunters a bit more DPS, around 186 or so more DPS.  This would also give PvP BM Hunters more utility with a short silence that could be used on every other Arcane Shot (about every 12 seconds).


Trackerbr - Warsong said...

I give up to be a BM PVP Hunter... let's the Survival Spec occupied BM PVE Spec.. =( NOw back to drawboard playing with Surv Shot Rotation and PVP Macros and my Big Blue Wasp from Schoolar Basin =)

Cbizzle said...

I've been running Resto Druid, Ret Pally and Surv Hunter this season and it's cause for so much e-rage, I'm about to quit my Hunter. I might try MM, but my CC blows now and I can't burst worth crap. So much e-rage, so much...