Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BM PvP Build 53 / 0 / 18

Last week I tried a 53/0/18 BM PvP build with my Rogue partner in 2's.

53 / 0 / 18
I have a mixed reaction to this build.
I would only try this build if your partner has a 50% healing debuff.  Since my partner is a Rogue I can get away with not having Aimed Shot and using Multi-Shot in its place.

Much better control with Scatter Shot.  I can always trap a target after a Scatter Shot, which allows 3 huge forms of CC on one target (Sap, Scatter / Trap, Blind).
I have a little bit more survivability with a few survival talents that I pick up along the way to Scatter Shot.
I also go down to Lock and Load since I'm that far into the Survival Tree.  This allows me to make up some burst that I have lost by not going into the Marks Tree.
No ranged 50% healing debuff that is pretty easy to keep up.  My rogue cannot always stay on a target.
Missing a lot of amazing talents in the beginning of the Marks Tree that reduces overall damage and burst potential.
If your team needs a little bit more control and you like playing as a BM Hunter this might be the build for you. 
We went 50/50 with me as this build at around 2150 rating.  We lost to a few teams we would have normally beat as I didn't quite have the burst to score a quick kill, and we won against a couple of teams that we would usually lose to because we could chain CC.

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black_joker1991 said...

Hey, I'm a big fan of your website because my beastmastery spec is the one you made(55/16/0), I play it since the begining of the year if I'm not mistaken and i must say that only shadow priests can own me. :)
I checked your new spec and i dont think you need all those cc's(unless you fight a spriest..they are really annoyng O_o) cause you allready have 2 with intimidation and ravage(if you use any type of ravager) and that is more then enough considering that the BM Tree is for pet burst damage.
The MM Tree you made then was better because if you remain alone in the arena, bg and even free killing areas you will need to kill some of the following: healer, caster and even a melle really fast, and the best option is Aimed Shot that gives you ranged ap increased and 50% heal down and with only one cc(intimidation) you can still own them.
Another thing would be your dmg done, cause it kinda annoyse me to spam Scatter shot and it stops your pet from attacking and you aswell, with the old spec you can hit high damage with Aimed Shot too.
Plus the first spec you made it is great in pve aswell, you dont lose the pet even if only you are healing it and you still use the Aimed Shot ap bonus.
Uhm..i wanna say sorry for my english cause it isn't my first language and probably I typed some words wrong.
I hope you'll find useful what i write.