Monday, June 8, 2009

BM Hunter Team Wins 2nd Place at MLG Columbus

After venting my frustration to my Rogue friend Siphter about how there are so many rogues and never any hunters at a WoW tournament, EmG shows up at MLG Columbus.

EmG's lineup was Payce on Holy Paladin, Flexx on Unholy / Frost Death Knight and Twixz on BM Hunter.

EmG only lost 3 rounds in the whole tournament and they were all to SK Gaming's RMP (who took 1st place).

I was extremely excited to see a BM Hunter in tournament play.  And the great thing about it was that Twixz was a longtime Hunter so he knew when to switch pets against certain teams.  I loved watching him pull out the Chimaera against the Rogue double healer setup.


Trackerbr - Warsong said...

I'm trying a Worm at arenas against Plate's wearings

David said...

Hey Shaedon,

Was looking at your armory today. Fascinating new spec you have there. 53/0/18? How is it working? Would you be wiling to make a post about it?

Anonymous said...


I play 2vs2 with a ret pally, do you think BM would be a better choice then survival? I think BM wouldn't have that burst potential which we need.
Is there a arena guide (for example what to do against different kinds of teams like druid with rogue etc), we're very experienced PVE players, but in arena we aren't that good (~1450 rating).
Do you recommend specing BM or is survival as good as BM?

thx Onager

PS: great site!

Shaedon said...

Arena Junkies Hunter Forums might have some information about how to play certain comps.

I think Survival should be slightly better than BM if you have a Healer... but I'm not sure what major problems you run into with your comp.

BM definitely has a 15 second burst window every 1.5 mins, that can do massive physical damage. BM doesn't offer much control though.

Since your team is pretty low, I would try speccing a few different ways to see which spec allows you to play to the best of your ability and allows you to mesh well with your partner (try BM, Marks and Survival).

Trial and error is a big part of getting better with your arena team. "Main specs" are not always the best spec for a personalized team that plays their own style of 2's.

Anonymous said...

hi, it's me again ;)

I speeced BM and we reached 1550 today :) but I specced Aimed shot, because of the healreduction.

what gems would you suggest for a BM hunter? ofcourse you must have 5% hit, but would you gem for stamina or AP or Agility?

thx for your advice.

Shaedon said...

As BM, AP is the best stat damage wise. However, in PvP it is not all about pure damage, as crits play a significant role in killing a player. So I usually just stack agility.