Monday, June 29, 2009

No new posts until 3.2

I'm currently taking a nice break from WoW and will probably not post until 3.2 patch comes around.

I would like to update the BM, Marks and Survival pages if the DPS of talents changes significantly come 3.2.  And I might be playing a bit more of WoW come 3.2 which would lead me to post a bit more.

But for the next month or two, don't expect new posts (I might make a few posts about the upcoming 3.2 changes as they are announced).

I've been playing Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 mods (Tower D and DOTA) during this break from WoW.  It's funny that Blizzard seems to make all the games that have immense replay value.


Anonymous said...

patch notes updated bm dps updated and increased, please update calculator

Shaedon said...

3.2 is not finalized yet, or even near finished. When 3.2 is about 1-2 weeks away I will try to update the #'s.

David said...

I know this post blatantly said you aren't going to post again until 3.2.... but... I miss your posts!

I actually take a lot of advice here, as you may have noticed by previous comments. I play a BM hunter / Feral Druid 2v2 combo that is DESPERATELY trying to get to 1850 for that damn weapon.

We do not raid, so we are both stuck with iLevel 200 weapons. Good 'ol Nessingway for me. I could use any tips what so ever that you may have.


Currently specc'd survival as an off spec for bgs. I find it more entertaining to solo with. But for 2v2, it is all BM. I need to as one stunlock, without a healer, and I'm dead.

David said...

One more note on our rating. If you look at our history, we used to be around 1750 or so (peaking at the low 1800s) but since then we have just lost heart. We lose 90% of the time against any druid healer teams, and most of the time against any DK or Paladin.

On any given night its just the luck of the draw. If we get certain teams we have a chance, otherwise we are screwed.

Just thought I would clarify that :)

Shaedon said...

Yeah, double dps is sadly a dieing breed. As more people attain higher resilience and greater +healing double dps falls further behind.

Once 3.2 hits burst will officially be dead in 2's (resilience is getting a boost).

BM Hunter / Feral Druid is an solid comp for Hunter double dps. Your druid can switch out and heal in some circumstances and wait for your Bestial Wrath to come off of cooldown.

The BM Hunter playstyle is pretty straightforward no matter the comp.

Without good weapons (especially for your Feral Druid) your comp lacks the burst necessary to do well. If he can manage to get a little bit of healing gear you might want to try Resto Druid / Hunter to attain 1850 rating so you can both get your weapons.

Unfortunately time is against your team. Every week it gets a little bit tougher as a double dps team. Every week also gets closer to 3.2.

Well, good luck, I hope your team is able to hit 1850 one way or another.

mullmans said...

cant wait for 3.2 and your posts! probably the best hunter blog since bigredkitty died.