Saturday, August 15, 2009

3v3 BM Hunter Build: 44/16/11

I played some 3v3 games to prepare for the next season, and tried out a few different builds. 

At first I tried a regular Full BM with Aimed Shot build.  I had good burst but our team didn't have the CC to pressure the other teams.  The next build I tried was a Marksman PvP build and was frustrated with how much CC came my way (which made it difficult to damage & CC others at effective times). 

The final build I tried was BM with Aimed and Scatter Shot.  In the beginning of matches I was able to CC perfectly under the affects of Bestial Wrath (Scatter / Trap).  Not only could I CC effectively but I could also burst when their healer was in that CC.  This is what the build looks like:

BM / Aimed / Scatter (44/16/11)
Most likely this is the build I will use in 3v3 next season.  With it I end up using a Wasp to help in killing off Rogue teams.  With 3/5 Frenzy and no Cobra Strikes a Cunning pet is really out of the question, Ferocity is needed for the extra crit chance.


D said...

This build looks solid. I'd suggest dropping 2 points from Entrapment and putting them into Trap Mastery. You only get 2 more seconds of CC out of the last 2 points in Entrapment, but 2 seconds for only 1 point. Now that we can drop 3 traps at a time it might be worth it to have Improved Traps. Depending on your crit you could also borrow a point from GFFT to fill out Trap Mastery completely.

This is just and idea--I haven't tested how crucial a difference having 4 sec of Entrapment vs. 2 is. Some food for thought though.

Orcha said...
Maybe something for you Sheadon, would save me the time to check out both sites ;-)