Sunday, August 30, 2009

eMg Wins MLG Dallas with Beast Cleave

Finally, Twixz the Hunter Hero has won a tournament.  I've been rooting for a Hunter team to take a 3v3 tournament for the last 2 years, and today my wish has been fulfilled.  For a complete match by match write up of MLG Dallas I highly suggest you visit World of Ming.

Twixz became known when his team Get Money Get Payce qualified for Blizzcon Regionals.  That team featured the lineup of Death Knight / Hunter / Paladin.  With 3.2 their lineup shifted from Death Knight to Enhancement Shaman.

Beast Cleave is the new term for the comp BM Hunter / Enhancement Shaman / Holy Paladin.  I expect to see a lot of Beast Cleave comps at the start of Arena Season 7 on Tuesday.

Twixz was using a Corehound for most of the tournament, but on the last day switched to a Worm.  The Worm proved to be most effective against the Plate Cleave and PHD team (x6stence).

Twixz  54 / 15 / 2

Thank you for correcting me on the talents Twixz was running.  This is the correct build above.


Anonymous said...

That spec is incorrect. At Dallas his character's name was Twixzg.

This is what he was running with the worm.

Shaedon said...

Thank you. Updated it.