Friday, August 7, 2009

Hunter PvE DPS 3.2

With the sample builds taken from Shandara's Spreadsheet, with current best gear, in patch 3.2, it is clear that in theory, Marks is the best PvE DPS followed by Survival which is followed by Beast Mastery.

Marks    (7/57/7)   -   9289 DPS
Survival  (0/15/56)   -   8884 DPS
BM    (54/12/5)    -    8604 DPS

That is about a 7% difference between the lowly BM Hunter and the mighty Marksman Hunter.  I would prefer if BM was within 5% of the top spec, be it Survival or Marks.  BM may have the easiest rotation, but on pet unfriendly fights, it has the most to lose by far.
Talent DPS has changed most significantly (in patch 3.2) with Animal Handler.  It used to provide 27 DPS per point (54 total).  Now it provides 130 DPS per point (260 total).  Just in that talent change BM Hunters gained 206 DPS (in my gear, spec, etc. on my BM page).

The Wild Hunt pet talent change increased a BM Hunters DPS by 137, but it also increases Marks and Survival pet DPS.

The expertise change for pets (Ranged Hit now gives Expertise for Hunter pets), is another area where our pets gained a bit of damage.
All in all, this is how my PvE pages total DPS has changed since 3.2 (again, with my gear, spec, etc.).

BM went from 6211 DPS before 3.2, to 6783 after 3.2.  +572 DPS
Marks went from 6613 DPS before 3.2, to 6789 after 3.2.  +176 DPS
Survival went from 6769 DPS before 3.2., to 6677 after 3.2.  -92 DPS

Notice: My talent trees are not perfected for theoretical top DPS, as I usually forgo a couple of DPS talent points for Hawk Eye, as I tend to find that it adds unmeasurable DPS and longevity to my life in raids.

I'm not sure why my Survival build with my gear lost DPS from 3.2, but BM definitely gained the most since 3.2.  In better gear, especially a better ranged weapon, Marksmanship would pull further ahead, like it does on the samples, as it scales better than BM (as does Survival).

My recommendation is to try out BM again if you have Naxx 25 / Ulduar 10 gear or less (it should be about equal to Marks DPS).  But you might want to have a secondary spec as Survival or Marks in case you come across a pet unfriendly fight.  If you have an Ulduar 25 or better weapon, your probably better off with Marks in PvE.


Anonymous said...

I thought I'd go SrS KS and CS glyphs for the MM spec, but on elitist jerks they use AS instead of CS, is that actually better?

Shaedon said...

Theoretically, the Chimera Shot glyph does not give you increased DPS if you are below 200ms, and if you never move in a boss fight (perfect rotation).

Realistically it gives you plenty of DPS since a lot of fights involve movement and there never is a perfect rotation.

I would stick with Chimera Shot glyph, as the other glyphs will only give you about 50 DPS increase, while Chimera Shot will be more like 30-200 DPS increase, depending on the fight.

Trackerbr - Warsong said...

About PVP.... what the news???

Shaedon said...

The news for a PvP Hunter is that BM still remains decent in 3's. Still a bit too heavy on physical damage, but decent.

Marks still needs a talent that makes Serpent Sting tougher to dispel or immune to dispel to be truly viable.

Survival is decent, but can be shutdown if other team sticks on you entire game.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that the spreadsheet doesn't yet include the higher LnL procrate that's been showing up in testing, so SV performance should be noticably higher than what the spreadsheet is reporting.

Shaedon said...

I know that I recommended BM if you have semi-low gear, but I kind of take that back, as BM is as boring as potatoes in raids.

Marks and Survival have a much more interesting shot rotation (especially Marks).

Zerlegen said...

Are you going to be updating your other pages for any updated builds? Like the Marks, Survival, etc. etc. pages?

Also any chance you would want to put up different build ideas for straight pvp without Arenas in mind?

Shaedon said...

I don't plan to update the individual PvE pages since their hasn't been much change to the talents of each tree.

I might plan to give more general PvP builds when Blizzard comes out with their BG rating system.

Anonymous said...

hey there ive tried all specs, im not an elitist guy so im not allways looking for top dps, but i do like to do high dps :3 who doesnt. my point is this, i recently caught loque'nahak so i really wanted to use BM, anyways i use my BM to help boost my other guilders and party members, i pull high dps aswell and i dont mind it : ) dont forget to take into account playstyles (y) its a game nota mathematical numbercrunching effort :3

Anonymous said...

I wonder if
could be a viable spec.
Viper, Cs, AC, SS twice