Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1817 in 2v2 as Hunter / Rogue

Siphter and I have finally got back into playing some 2v2 now that Hunter's have been buffed a little bit and made a little bit more viable.  Last week we went 6 and 4 but developed some very good general strategies against most teams.  This week we went 10 and 0, and the last game was freaking epic.

So this week during our 10 and 0 streak this was how our games played out:
  • Mage / Healer or DPS: Always on mage, blow mage up, take almost no damage from the mage and he can't cc very well.  He goes down almost instantly every game as Subtlety Rogue and Beast Mastery Hunter can just chunk his health.
  • Holy Pally / DPS: Always on the dps.  Surprisingly this comp used to be our toughest but now its one of our easiest.  We lock down the dps target and cc the paladin.
  • Ret Pally / Disc Priest: This was our last fight to go undefeated this week.  The first minute of this fight looked like a big time loss.  We focused on the Ret Paladin but he was laying into Siphter (my rogue) pretty heavily and Siphter couldn't heal the damage.  I told Siphter to run and kite and kite he did.  With concussive helping Siphter out he was able to kite the Ret Pally around the entire Sewer Arena for a couple minutes to get back to 50% health with recuperate.  Then we switched to Priest and downed him after a good 10 second burst on him.  After that we were able to finish off the Ret Pally.
The major strategy we use is that if a target is on me (hunter) Siphter will help me out by being on that target.  So I can kite that target and heal through my Spirit Beast.  We can outlast a lot of healer / dps comps because of Spirit Mend and because of Recuperation (rogue heal).

Being able to have a slight heal as double dps in arena really opens up the possibilities and allows longer games which is a lot more fun than just zerging and winning or losing in the first 30 seconds of every battle. 

After this weeks games Siphter and I both have renewed energy in playing WoW and trying to see where we can eventually be at in 2's.  We have been playing a lot of Rated Battlegrounds with our guild, but it hasn't infused us with the same energy that this weeks 2's did.  The road to 2000 has been laid, will we make it?

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Hey congrats, man! Great stuff! Please keep us updated.