Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1914 in 2v2 as Hunter / Rogue

Another week of solid 2's performance gets us up to 1914.  The huge buff to Aspect of the Hawk definitely increased BM's damage, maybe gave us an extra game out of the 13 we played.  We went 10 and 3 this week.  Not quite as good as 10 and 0, but we'll take another 100 point increase.

I do not enjoy vs'ing Priest / Feral.  I hate Feral Druids without a healer.  I think we went 2 and 1 vs this comp but it was super scary.

I enjoy vs'ing Mages.  They are predictable and squishy.  I feel like I control the fight since I can chunk their health.

I enjoy any team that thinks they can outlast us without doing much damage since we can both heal ourselves decently.

Well, I think we can hit 2k, perhaps even by next week.


Anonymous said...

I would love a post giving some BM hints. I've been reading this blog for a few years now (I'm the guy with the feral druid partner, if you recall), and I would still love to get any hints I can from a skilled BM hunter.

Oonoes said...

Have you tried marks in 2s? Marks brings a ton of bursty damage, and decent utility with readiness and silencing shot. Against priest/feral in particular, as marks, you might be able to gib the druid using masters call/disengage with a scatter/trap>silence on the healer, readiness, masters call again, disengage as needed, trap again, silence again, into blind, and when thats about to break, 5 point kidney with a smoke bomb on the druid.

If you dont force MAD cooldowns/trinket or just outright kill the druid doing that, I dont think theres much you can do as rogue/hunter against that comp haha. Just have your partner be ready to blind the moment the priest trinkets, and you should win outright.

Good luck in there!

Anonymous said...

Hello Oonoes,

Thank you for the reply. I have read your posts on arena junkies and I also read your blog. Your marks tips on your blog especially are fantastic.

My partner (fortunately or unfortunately) is not a rogue, but a feral druid. So I generally thought that BM would be a better 2v2 spec. I haven't have much success as marks, but I definitely chalk that up to simple lack of skill.

So I guess I'm trying to see if I can get a different spec to work better for me.

Thank you for the advice though, and thanks for your blog!

Shaedon said...

Hello Oonoes, love your blog. There is definitely a lack of good Hunter PvP blogs out there.

BM and Marks are my 2 specs. I haven't played Marks since the buff to Aspect of the Hawk, since that really helped out BM's damage and burst potential. I did play a decent amount of Marks in Rated BG's before the Aspect of the Hawk hotfix.

For some reason Marks just isn't as much fun as BM. I think it has to do with Chimera Shot being on a 9/10 second cooldown and not really being able to do good damage in between that (besides instant Aimed Shot). Getting off a hard cast Aimed Shot is unlikely in 2's (although possible with Rapid Fire).

For 2's, with a Rogue, I've always done better with BM over Marks. Part of that is a more straightforward play style, but another part is the sheer pressure that BM can put out vs clothies. And of course, I've always been a BM Hunter at heart.

I think I'll write up a little post on what BM brings to the table for 2's and what it could use to really enable it to be a solid PvP spec for all brackets.