Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wrath of the Lich King BM Hunter Leveling Spec

My Leveling Spec at 70:

I went with Invigoration only because a Gorilla's Thunderstomp multiple crits will proc Invigoration multiple times (this is the only way that this talent is decent at all).

I didn't pick up GftT because I plan to mostly be using Volley, which does not proc GftT.

Frenzy isn't required as my pet is an aoe king, not a solo king; and this allows me to pick up better talents throughout the tree (better talents in respect to aoe leveling).

I plan to finish Serpent's Swiftness at 71.  And then put points into Kindred Spirits & Beast Mastery.  I'll probably finish up leveling by putting points into Hawk Eye for my personal satisfaction.

My Gorilla's Leveling Spec at 70:

Picked up the best tanking talent points available and plan to pick up Pet Barding as I level.
I'm not sure how long it will take to level from 70 to 80, but I bet it is going to be much more fun than 60 to 70, because of our much better ability to aoe.  
Oh, and head's up...  Glyph of Volley (Decreases the mana cost of Volley by 20%) will probably be available on the AH shortly after Wrath is released.  I advise picking that puppy up for aoe leveling.


consemilia said...

Just did the same job yesterday on my blog.

It's in spanish but there are no frontiers using images and wowhead links xD

This is the link if you wanna take a look :)

I'm going to level with my girlfriend (resto druid), using a gorilla too, but my idea is to do as many instances as I can so I can't focus on aoe talents.

Great blog, see ya :)

Anonymous said...

Is this really a good idea ? Okay, you build up your own personal bulldozer, but you lose a lot of solid DpS...

ihlos said...


The idea here is that he can take on 5 mobs at a time without blinking. Nice build, very tailored. Let me know how it goes!

I would question boars swiftness though, i dont get that talent. I guess maybe it could help you round up guys with your pet, but i prefer to round them up using MD. Any insight into why you took that talent?

Shaedon said...

Misdirect costs 304 mana, so I don't use it for rounding up mobs. I try to conserve all the mana I can by just using my pet to round up most of the mobs and then I might arcane shot or auto shot to bring in a few more. I don't need Misdirect for those few because Thunderstomp can take care of them. Boar's Speed is definitely very complimentary to this playstyle.

I try to save all my mana for Volley as it is a beast on mana. And I like to use Multi-Shot (which also is a mana hog) at the end of a Volley if their are only like 3 mobs left with low health.

Anonymous said...

Tanking 3-5 Mobs without GftT is very thin ice, not sure if Thunderstomp will be up all the time.

The Gorilla spec seems to me as a very solid build.

Shaedon said...

GftT is not needed. It does not proc off Volley, so it would not proc much at all while aoe'ing. And Thunderstomp is only 20 Focus, while Smack is 25. Thunderstomp goes off fine without GftT in my testing.

Gold Guide for World of Warcraft said...

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