Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BM PvP Build Level 80: Hunter vs. Wild

Updated:  January 23rd 2009


This build encompasses The Beast Within, 2/3 Careful Aim and Hunter vs. Wild.  This is a heavy attack power and huge health build for a BM Hunter.  Survivalist + Hunter vs. Wild makes Stamina a very strong stat. 

Note: Without Aimed Shot you do lose some burst (although with Lock and Load helps add back some burst).  The 50% healing debuff is the largest loss in this build.  If you PvP with someone who provides a healing debuff than this build really shines (like I 2v2 with a Rogue, so I can get away without having Aimed Shot).


This is my spreadsheet that I have come up with to show the effects of Hunter vs. Wild:

I receive 438 attack power from Hunter vs. Wild with my 1,459 current Stamina.  My pet receives 534 attack power from Hunter vs. Wild (since my pet also scales from the 425 attack power that I receive from Hunter vs. Wild).

This was an extremely fun build to pursue.  I love that Stamina is a new stat that I can stack, it is very different from my usual stat collection.  I thoroughly enjoy having extremely high health, great attack power and a pet that is out for blood.  I also enjoy having The Beast Within available for those "oh shit" moments in PvP.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, nice, interesting build, may i suggest for a pet maybe an ape, because their AoE is one of the strongest pet abilities i've seen in the game, and you can Spec it to use Intervene and the other ability to where it soaks up 30% of damage you take(i forget the name). With an AoE that goes thru armor and abilities made just to protect you it could take a beastly effort to take you down, just my 2 cents.

Shaedon said...

Yes, a Gorilla could work for this build, especially in World/BG PvP. Once you get into Arena though, you don't want a pet that will break CC.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think your missing out on Imp Wing clip for 2 seconds off Disengage or a 100% chance for LnL to proc on traps. I would either take 1 point out of LnL or 1 point out of Survival tactics to get it.

Also I don't know you will do without Aimed shot in PvP.

Other then that nice build!

Shaedon said...

Yes, going without Aimed Shot is tough. But if you arena with someone who has a 50% healing debuff than its not that bad, you just miss out on a little bit of burst. I arena with a Rogue, so I don't need the Aimed Shot debuff.

Anonymous said...

hmm well if i was going BM i would never use any tank pet the point of BM pvp is burst damage and tank pets lack that in a huge way not to mention that once they are burned its over really your shut down there are ways to get your pet back imp revive helps but most arena teams wont give ya time even with imp rez plus thats still a chunk of your mana i can see in survival or MM where your pet is more a tool the a extention of dps
as for the build i cant see really specing focus aim i mena yeah less knock back but all your dps should be on the move and ya dont need hit for pvp its pointless to stand and steady was not to good before 3.08 and with the nerf its very bad so you really need aimed i mean pop aimed on your target helps your chances to burn your target faster since they cant be healed as well i would not put 3 point in HE it might help in BGs but in the new arenas your not going to need it imp WC is rather handy maybe 1 point to HE for little play with kiting

Anonymous said...

I've been toying around with nearly the same build myself (trying to make something mostly BM with CA and HvW). How much AP do you lose from only having two points in CA?

Shaedon said...

For me, I lose 130 Attack Power. But it is still one of the highest Attack Power builds because it incorporates Aspect Mastery, 2/3 Careful Aim and Hunter vs. Wild.

Mike said...

How do BM hunters stack up in pvp now? I loved pvp in TBC, but wasn't sure how they compared now against some of the seamingly overpowered classes like pallies and mages?

Shaedon said...

I haven't tried BM since 3.0.8. I haven't even seen a BM Hunter since then. 3.0.9 buffs the BM Hunter somewhat.

I believe a good BM Hunter can do okay. Without Chimera or Explosive Shot, high armor targets are going to be a problem.

Pet health is also an issue. Hunter pets have really low health and can be easily killed. Without a pet BM is crap.

I've wanted to try BM again but I am just having too much fun with Survival and Marksmanship. I love having great magical damage.

Anonymous said...

Nice new Build here man I do kind of understand the Revive Pet but wouldn't the More Dodge be a bit more useful I mean by the time your reviving him your either Dead or Will have no trouble reviving him and and healing him + I picked a Wolf pet the added DPS is cool + What build are you currently using if you don't mind me asking

Shaedon said...

On that page it shows you the build I am currently running. Basically Hunter vs Wild is a nice idea, but without Go for the Throat, Careful Aim and Aimed Shot, it is really lacking.

Anonymous said...

Id go with a Hyena with this spec, since they have their ensnare ability and still do alot of dps since they are DPS pets.