Monday, November 3, 2008

Wolf - Furious Howl: My pet for PvP

Furious Howl is an ability that can always be up on your wolf (10 second duration on a 10 second cooldown).

It gives you and your party 138 attack power (which is very nice for 2v2 or 3v3 with my Rogue friend).  But it also buffs your pets attack power by 168!  Since by boosting your attack power, your giving more attack power (30) to your pet along with the 138 attack power of Furious Howl.

This is a nice ability since its a self buff and cannot be resisted, blocked, dodged or parried.  The wolf is also a Ferocity pet so it can reliably crit in PvP (Ferocious Inspiration & Frenzy do not go to waste) and has great survivability talents (Lick Your Wounds & Heart of the Phoenix).  Also Call of the Wild is freaking ridiculous, 20 second Trueshot Aura, thank you.

This pet seems to be a true winner for a double dps Rogue Hunter team, and even for a 3's team with a Rogue, Hunter and Healer.  I cannot wait until 80 to get more pet talent points and talent points for myself.  A little under 2 weeks...


Anonymous said...

Sadly the wolf's howl now only effects the wolf and it's hunter.

Shaedon said...

It's actually better than it used to be, used to not work when there was a battleshout or blessing of might.