Friday, April 24, 2009

2050 Hunter / Rogue 1st Week of Season 6

Updated: April 25th 2009 (Spec & Rating)

Siphter and I started out discouraged this season as we got off to a not so hot start.  Our hidden rating started out around 1950.

I tried out the new Marks PvP style that I've been playing so much in BG's.  It was a disappointment.  I had some burst, but it was a little slow and inconsistent.  In truth, Marks just didn't mesh well with our Double DPS burst mentality.  As Marks our hidden rating dropped to about 1800.

I switched back to a BM burst spec, 52/16/3, see below.

After switching back to BM, Siphter and did much better, as we were able to totally dominate every Warlock, and almost every Rogue.  Our burst in the first 10 seconds of a fight is incredible, and if the team we verse does not have a Paladin (DS and HoP are so so devastating) we have a solid chance every match.  And so our hidden rating climbed as we kept winning vs teams that have no Paladin.
Our hidden rating is currently residing around 2050, and our team rating is currently 2050, which places us, currently, as the top Hunter / Rogue in the world (only five days into Season 6 mind you)!

I play with a Wasp pet, as Ferocity is still the dominate damage tree.  And the Wasps Sting is still an amazing ability vs Rogues.  Below is the spec of my pet.

I'm kind of excited to see that Paladins and especially Death Knights are not dominating in 2's so far this season.  This might spell good news for us the rest of the season... who knows.


Anonymous said...

I've got 2 questions for you. Please bear with my noobishness, I'm completely new to hunter arena. ^^

1) Why did you take Hawk Eye and not imp. Arcane Shot?

2) How do you deal damage? F.e., do you stand still while being big & red, pewpewing with steady shot?

Shaedon said...

I take Hawk Eye so I can do damage easier if they get max range. It also helps when starting the fight (going in and pew pewing).

Also, Imp. Arcane Shot is not a big DPS increase, as it only effects the base damage of Arcane Shot and not overall damage.

I usually do not stand still unless the enemy is stupid, as they are usually moving and trying to kite.

I end up usually going in on my mount and shooting our target about 5-10 yards away from them, which helps make it so they can't kite me.

Trackerbr - Warsong said...

Why the change at BM Spec????

Shaedon said...

Just felt the tweak to it was better for PvP.

5/5 Frenzy instead of 3/5 Frenzy seems safer in PvP.

My pet crits about 10% less often in PvP (resilience), and due to the player moving, is not always able to attack constantly. So making sure Frenzy is always up on every crit is important for maximum burst.

Anonymous said...

why did u put a talent point in exotic pets if ur using a wasp?

Shaedon said...

It now increases my pets DPS since there are more talent points in pet trees.

I need the most burst possible for our playstyle, so having my pet do more damage is a must.

Ifeignkthx said...

1st great job!
im not great at arena but i ok
u burn the healer? or dps
how much pvp gear u use/pve
i got full val and 3dead 2 hate

i was using 819 res in 3s cuz i was dying too fast

and now i wana try ur way of 2s

Shaedon said...

It depends on the combo were facing for who we go for.

We both tend to use PvE gear so we have the most burst possible.

Zerlegen said...

Do you plan on putting any spec, including pet, advise for straight pvp?

Right now I'm just going with a survival build using a cunning pet for straight pvp, and curious if I am missing out on anything.

Shaedon said...

Survival with a Cunning pet should be a solid build with a healer.

I don't have a lot of experience with Survival in PvP.

What I do have is experience with Marks and BM for PvP.