Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Busy Week Ahead

I plan to move back to Michigan come Tuesday / Wednesday of next week.  So I do not plan on any major posts for a week or two.

I have updated the BM PvP page and the Pet page for 3.1.  I will continue to update the Marks, Survival and BM PvE pages as well when new information or spreadsheets become available.

I have been raiding Ulduar this past week and am starting to arena this week as BM and Marks.  I might post about Season 6 Arena PvP when we get more games under our belt.


Cbizzle said...

Thanks for all the hard work Shaedon. I've been testing MM for PvE against a similarly geared guildie who is still Surv. We both manage about 3k dps on the training dummy, but we did 25man Uld and 10man VoA (both bosses) and he blew me out of the water (about 800 DPS more).

I really like MM for PvE but if Surv is the way to go (for DPS), I might have to switch back for the guild to progress through Uld. Boo.

I haven't tried PvP yet and am torn what I want to spec. I will probably run with a healer in 2's and a Ret Pally and Resto Druid/Shaman in 3's. I'm thinking MM/Surv to pick up Silence, Chimera, Scatter, and LnL.

Thanks again!

Sagitariuz said...

Give u also a big thanks! My Rogue is gone, so I hope to get a new Rogue for the next Season to give u some feedbacks! So low stay tuned

Onager said...

hi, thx for your great site

i'm surv right now and i like it, but I would like to do some arena, with spec would be best? bm or mm? or could I even stay surv?

Shaedon said...

I believe all specs are viable for Arena PvP at the moment.

They all have different strengths and weaknesses.

If you play a lot of Survival, I would just stick with that (although I would probably pick up a few PvP talents in place of PvE talents).

Onager said...

thx for the advice!