Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hunter PvE 3.1

My Survival PvE post has been updated for 3.1.

I have finished the major work for the 3.1 PvE guides for each Hunter talent tree.

Theoretical DPS for Shaedon with each spec (86e spreadsheet):

6597 DPS - Survival
6118 DPS - Marksmanship
6089 DPS - Beast Mastery

The spec that has gained the most DPS, come 3.1, is Marksmanship by far.

In the current 3.0.9, when I spec Marksmanship, I do 5312 theoretical DPS.  So Marksmanship is getting about an 800 DPS boost, which puts it much closer to Survival.
Surprisingly Beast Mastery is, theoretically, right on the heels of Marksmanship.  It will be interesting to see if many Ulduar fights are pet friendly.
My next project is to update the BM PvP page for 3.1, as I still have the most experience in Arena as a BM Hunter (got up to 2108 this season).


Trackerbr - Warsong said...

Look at this

What do you think about it????

Shaedon said...

My pet calculations in my BM PvE page are much more accurate, as they account for raid buffs and shot rotations.

The Chimera is the best Cunning pet, but still is almost 500 dps less than the Devilsaur.

Froststorm Breath is a good special (mainly for PvP), but not as great as he makes it out to be, its really not that much of a DPS increase.

Trackerbr - Warsong said...

It's great that synergy, we help us a lot. Two greats blogs from two great players. =)

Trackerbr - Warsong said...

Shaedon, I really anxious to follow your steps and hints. I just wanna try dual spec with BM PVE and BM PVP maybe with devilsaur and Nuramoc. But like you have demonstrate Suv will be the top dps RAID Spec with a Wolf. Well, let see...

Shaedon said...

Top Raid DPS theoretically.

Survival has an annoying and complicated rotation which makes it tougher to achieve the theoretical DPS.

Marksmanship and BM have a cleaner rotation which should enable Marks and BM Hunters to get closer to their theoretical DPS in the real world.

Basically, they are close enough where if you excel in one tree, you should be able to do fine in PvE.

Gartzen said...

Which build are you using for BM testing?


Shaedon said...

I mostly play Marks for PvE as it has the best rotation (to my liking) and it relies the least on my pet (which is nice for the new fights in Ulduar, since I don't know how they work yet).

For PvP I have been testing Marks and BM.

My BM PvP test build is to get the 51 point talent so I can use my Chimera, which now has Roar of Sacrifice...

It seems like a decently strong build, but not sure if it is better that having Readiness as BM.

Eldamyr said...

Hi gz for this awesome blog this is realy a great help for all the hunters out there.
I whant to ask you if the wolf will realy be the best pet with a survival tree and why.
Ty for your time.

Shaedon said...

The wolf is the best pet because the special buffs you and your pet.

The special amounts to a constant 160 attack power for you and your pet.

No other pet special buffs your damage like that, and as Marks and Survival the Hunters is doing much more damage than the pet.

Even as BM the wolf is the 2nd best pet, so that is saying something.

Anonymous said...

Survival also has developed another "interesting" issue. With the alteration to Sniper Training, any fight where you are not able to stand still is going to nerf you damage some. Theory is nice but it assumes you will be able to stand still long enough to keep ST up all the time.

Anonymous said...

this is not a worry if you think just keep notice of it. The buffs duration is 15 sec, so after standing still for 6 secs and you get the buff you can then walk for 9 secs again, after which you need to stand still again. then after 6 sec, when the buff should end, it is refreshed again, i found that only on the hodir fight and the mimiron fight i have trouble keeping the buff up since it involves allot of walking. but on all other fights i can get a near 100% up time. (sometimes you need to walk such lenghts or you are unlike with the gravity bomb and light bomb at XT ans such)