Monday, April 27, 2009

Hunters Weakest Class in Season 6 (week 1)

WoW Reports has just posted the Week 1 Arena Stats for the Top 100.

Hunters are now the weakest class in Arena, according to representation.  We are back to being the underdog, just how I like it (hate being overpowered, but would rather be balanced more than anything).
If Hunter representation continues to be abysmal (0.5% representation in 2's and 2% representation in 3's) over the next few weeks I hope Blizzard creates a quick hotfix or patch that helps Hunters out a bit in Arena (as well as other classes that are not performing well).

I would like to see Marksmanship and BM get some PvP buffs to help Hunters in Arena, as Survival is still the only tree that seems viable for serious play.

Without being able to mana drain teams anymore (thank God), Hunters need to be able to apply plenty of pressure.  Since we are almost always moving in Arena, we usually do not do much damage from Auto Shot or Steady Shot.

Here are my ideas that might help boost our representation to more of a balanced state:

  • Increase Arcane Shot damage by 10-15%
This would help BM and Marksmanship while not buffing Survival.
  • Allow Auto Shot to be used while moving; however, make Auto Shot do 50% less damage while moving
This would help increase the damage of Hunters on the move, while not increasing it too much.  We would still need to stand still to do 100% Auto Shot damage and Steady Shot.
  • Allow Deterrence to work from all angles and reduce damage taken by 100%
No more frantically trying to maintain a frontal cone on enemies.  This would also give Hunters a little bit of defense against other Hunters, and a little bit of help vs Dots (although it would not remove Dots).
  • Allow Feign Death to remove one debuff from self
Hunters have no way to clear debuffs and that is one of the reasons why they are not very good on Double DPS teams.  This would give them a little help in that regard.
  • Allow pets to scale very well with all attributes and make them immune to buffs
This would be a very big change that I think Blizzard is currently thinking about for the long term future.  Basically, Hunter pets do not scale very well from gear, but amazingly well from buffs.  So in 2v2 and 3v3 a pet does not have very many buffs and therefor is lacking in potential no matter what gear level the Hunter has (basically BM is not very good in a small PvP setting because of this).
I will be gone the next few days as I move back to Michigan, hope everyone has a great week, see ya.

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