Friday, February 20, 2009

Beast Mastery is back in Double DPS

Today I was a bit bored of always being a Survival Hunter and decided to once again try my beloved Beast Mastery tree to see if it could still work.  It does.

We started the day with a 1799 rating and ended at a 1939 rating tonight as a Beast Mastery Hunter with a Shadowstep Rogue in 2's.

Half the games we faced Rogue / Mage or Rogue / Healer teams.  We lost only one of those games.  Every other game we absolutely dominated them.  As a BM Hunter I can focus on the Rogue and with Beast Within there is nothing that can stop me from making his life miserable.

Rogue opens on me and I instantly blow my macro that casts my Attack Power Trinket, Orc Racial, Rapid Fire, Kill Command, Bestial Wrath and Intimidation.  This allows me to stun the Rogue and get away with BW, while my pet is doing massive damage.  Rogue will be slow on the vanish since I am using a Wasp pet.  After the Rogue tries to run away and Cloak + Vanish I am waiting with the Flare.

While all this is happening my Rogue is either destroying their Mage or if it is a Rogue / Healer team is on their Rogue with me.

Against Paladin teams we have difficulty since we have to focus on CC'ing the non Paladin which does not work with DK / Paladin teams as the DK has too many pets and takes me out too quickly.  So we now try taking out the DK first in DK / Paladin teams and that works some of the time if we get some lucky crits and a good Blind.

BM Hunter PvP Spec

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