Sunday, February 8, 2009

Marksmanship PvP & Site Updates

After weeks of playing with Survival in PvP/PvE I decided to try my luck with a PvP Marksmanship build.
0/53/18 PvP Marksmanship

Readiness and Silencing Shot have come in very handy numerous times.
Marksmanship can come pretty close to the burst of Survival with 3 main instant shots (Arcane, Aimed & Chimera).  The play style is very similar to Survival, so it was easy to pick up and be successful. 

Only major problems is the mana consumption of Chimera Shot.  I expect Blizzard to lower the mana cost in the future.

Just updated the Survival page, it is now only about PvE and has updated 25 man #'s.

I plan to create a Survival PvP page sometime relatively soon.  My Survival Talent Guide will just have to wait until after 3.1 (too many upcoming changes).

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