Monday, February 16, 2009

Survival PvP

Common Best Comps for Hunters:

1. Hunter / Shaman
2. Hunter / Paladin
3. Hunter / Priest
4. Hunter / Druid 

1. Hunter / Paladin (Holy or Retribution) / Shaman
2. Hunter / Paladin / Death Knight

As you can see in 2's, Hunters need healers to be good.  Unfortunately my only serious 2's partner is a Rogue, so we just have to make due with an 1800-1900 rating.  We got up to an 1880's rating before falling back to an 1818 rating.  If we manage our CC flawlessly and play perfectly we have a chance to beat most teams.  Unfortunately we do make mistakes and one mistake will cost you the game when your playing a bad comp.

Spell Penetration

Most top Hunters use 75 Spell Penetration to combat enemy fire resistance.
35 Spell Penetration Enchant on Cloak and two 20 Spell Penetration Blue Gems.


There is no exact cookie cutter spec that is dominating the charts for Hunters.  Every top Hunter is a Survival spec, but each one specs a bit differently.  Perhaps specs vary because there are so many mediocre talents in the Survival tree.

Hunter / Healer Spec

This spec is very similar to the specs of most top Hunters.  I tend to favor Improved Concussive Shot, and could not see myself without it.

Double DPS Spec

This spec is a lot different than most top Hunter specs.  This is partly because there is no top Hunter that is running Double DPS (to my knowledge).

Mana is not an issue since fights are short.  Talents that benefit Frost Trap are not important because I will mainly use Scatter Shot / Freezing Arrow.  Extra Hit chance is important to combat Rogues (4% miss chance from talents, 2% miss chance if Night Elves).

Rogue / Hunter Strategy

Our strategy revolves around our ability to perfectly CC one of their players.  Ideally this is our CC rotation on easiest to CC target:

Sap (10 seconds)
Scatter Shot / Freezing Arrow (14 seconds)
Blind (10 seconds)
Vanish / Sap (10 seconds)
Scatter Shot / Freezing Arrow (14 seconds)
Wyvern Sting (10 seconds)
Cheap Shot / Kidney Shot (10 seconds)

That is 78 seconds of CC, however, this is not how things usually happen.

Real World CC rotation:

Other team manages to get in combat or has ground aoe to thwart off Sap.

Scatter Shot / Freezing Arrow (1-6 seconds as enemy will usually use their trinket)
Blind (10 seconds)
Wyvern Sting (10 seconds)

If my Rogue is quick on the blind that is a little over 20 seconds of CC.  This should give us enough time to burst the other person down.  If not, than my Rogue will go back to stunning up the CC target.  But if we haven't killed someone 30 seconds into the fight, most likely one of us is about dead.

Ideally we could just CC their DPS and go all out on their healer.  But we come across many Double DPS teams at our rating and a lot of Rogue / Healer teams (Rogues are very tough to CC).

Against any Holy Paladin team we have to go for the Paladin (as we cannot CC him through a Bubble) and CC his partner.


Tenacity pets are used when playing with a Healer.  Roar of Sacrifice and Intervene are just too good in longer fights.  Crabs and Turtles are the most common choices.

Ferocity pets are good for Double DPS.  They bring more damage, instant rez and Call of the Wild.  Wasps are the trademark pet for Double DPS as they bring Faerie Fire to the table, which screws up Rogues and Mages and thier ability to vanish / invis.


Anonymous said...

The cheap shot after wyvern sting wouldn't stick because of the ticking poison.

Shaedon said...

Cheap Shot is a stun, so ticking poisons wouldn't stop it from sticking.

marcus youngberg said...

great post i was wondering if you could give any information on running with a healer. more specifically a disc priest. or even surv hunter vs ...... classes we most likely have to deal with rogou, ret pally, dk, exetera. if u could or if u know of any other site with that information since i can't find one that would be amazing. thank you.

Shaedon said...

Sorry, I have very little experience playing with a healer in 2's. I have always played double dps.

And for most this season I've been playing as BM, as it compliments double dps very well. So I am not very knowledgeable in the Survival PvP department at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I have a question what is double DPS?
i never heard that used before
please reply on here or hit me up on my pvp server Dunemaul toon name Ragathor horde side

Also out of the top or bottom specs which one should i spec it too?

i have been researching on specs for pvp and for pve
if anyone is interested in pve for hunters hot news for best dps Bm at the moment is the winner before the nerf lol

here is a very good link to get u speced with rotation to dps ur way to the top of the charts
please give me feed back <(^_^)>

Shaedon said...

Double DPS is when you have two dps classes in 2v2, like the common Rogue / Mage setup.

Most high rated 2v2 comps feature a normal healer and dps combo.

Anonymous said...

I am rated 2670 in 2's with a shadow priest. This works incredibly well with the priest buff and full relentless gear I get about 35k hp when entering. The shadow priest has two fears which usually is enough to down the healer as we both jump on him. My aimed shot completely screws him over. By 50% hp the priest will silence and I will tranq any hots up on the target. This all takes about 6 seconds and we have not lost for about 3 weeks. (277-23) all this whilst I scatter shot freeze arrow dps and wyvern sting after to get the dps from either casting something to protect the healer-Hypé

Anonymous said...

what would be a rotation for the second spec?

Shaedon said...

Out of date talent tree and rotation now that 4.0 is out.

Paladin PVP Guide said...

I think in 2's the best parner of hunter is the druid, druid is the best healer, it will do nothing but to heal the hunter, on 3's hunter and paladin with shaman can defeat the combination of hunter paladin and death knight. Shaman can give a better assist than the death knight..