Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hunters Achieve Balance in Arena!

I would just like to celebrate this momentous achievement by the Hunter class.  I did not believe that Hunters would ever find true balance in Arena.

Today, Hunters are perfectly balanced in the Top 100!

WoW Reports, my other site, has a new post about the end of week 8.  Hunters have 10% overall representation (10.3% in 2's, 9.6% in 3's and 10.2% in 5's).  In any bracket, currently, Hunters can compete. 

This blog was founded on the thought that Hunters might never see their day in Arenas.  I must say, during the Beta of WotLK I was convinced that Hunters would still be the worst class in Arenas.

Disengage is the move that completely changed Hunters in PvP.  Chimera Shot and Explosive Shot certainly helped us against high armor classes, but without Disengage, every melee class would destroy us.

I am joyful that I stuck with the Hunter class even when things looked grim.  Thank you Blizzard for giving Hunters a solid chance in Arenas.  I am looking forward to watching some tournaments with teams that actually have a Hunter on them.

I know there might be some nerfs in the future for us (T.N.T.), but I believe WotLK is never going to treat Hunters like Burning Crusade did.  Hunter for life, pew pew.

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