Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beast Mastery Hunter PvE

Updated: April 23rd 2009 
(Updated DPS on Go for the Throat & Bestial Discipline)

Talent, Glyph, Attribute and Pet DPS are calculated given the following:
My base spec, shot rotation, 25 man raid buffs (all class buffs) and gear.

The closer you are to my spec, shot rotation and gear, the more accurate the following DPS #'s will be for you.

All of these #'s come from Shandara's Spreadsheet.

Base Spec: Beast Mastery PvE 54/15/2 (post 3.1)

Normal Shot Rotation:
Rapid Fire / Blood Fury / Trinkets / Bestial Wrath / Kill Command > Kill Shot > Serpent Sting > Arcane Shot > Aimed Shot > Steady Shot

Beast Mastery Attribute DPS (post 3.1)

Attack Power is the backbone stat of the Beast Mastery tree.  Two Attack Power is about 15% better than one Agility.


Beast Mastery Talent DPS (post 3.1)
Amazing Talents:
Bestial Discipline - About 115 DPS per point!
Frenzy - 1st point is over 300 DPS!
Serpent's Swiftness - Each of the 5 points is worth over 100 DPS!
Beast Mastery - Finally!  The 51 point talent is now worth extra DPS, 253 DPS to be exact!
Go for the Throat - 500 DPS for the 1st talent point!
Overrated Talents:
Frenzy - 4th talent point gives 5 DPS and the 5th talent point gives 1 DPS.
Ferocious Inspiration - Most likely your group will have either a Ret Paladin or an Enhancement Shaman which means FI only increases Arcane Shot damage... but it is necessary to pick up the 1st point in Invigoration.
Beast Mastery Glyph DPS (post 3.1)
Bestial Wrath is really the only must have glyph.  Wish there was a glyph that gave BM a little more flavor in PvE.

Beast Mastery Pet DPS

The Devilsaur, Wolf and Raptor lead the pack of Ferocity pets by a good 100+ DPS.
After my experience with a Devilsaur in PvE, I do not recommend them as they tend to aggro extra mobs and get hit by more things since they grow so large.

Some of the pets do not use their special as it would be an actual decrease in DPS (from just spamming Bite, Claw or Smack).

PvE Pet Talent Trees
This build is for maximum DPS.  If Heart of the Phoenix is a required talent for you, than you would have to take a point out of Boar's Speed and Shark Attack.
Owl's Focus does not increase DPS when you are using a shot rotation with 1 point in Go for the Throat (along with 2 points in Bestial Discipline).


Trackerbr - Warsong said...

Can you post here your Shot macro rotation macro written???

Trackerbr - Warsong said...

I'm still waiting for free respec coming with 3.1 to make one PVP Spec. I'll try BM PVP spec. Can you suggest or actualize your "BM PVP" session with 3.1 incoming changes like you have made with this Post???? I'm anxious to use my Nuramoc (spend 5 days hunting him to tame)or my Wasp like you have used yet.
There is a lack of BM Hunters that really appreciate to make PVP with his current BM Spec like me; with or without Exotic Pet's.

This blog is the best ever Hunter PVP and PVE guide with all information we need. Great work. =)

Shaedon said...

I don't use a shot macro. The BM shot rotation is easy enough, just blow your cooldowns whenever they are up and always use arcane and aimed (or multi-shot if you don't spec aimed) whenever they are up. Everything else is steady shot.

Once 3.1 hits I will be trying Marksmanship and BM with my Nuramoc for PvP. Since the Cunning tree is getting a buff with the addition of Roar of Sacrifice, Cunning pets might be okay.

The main problem Cunning pets will have is against full resilience targets they will only have 1-5% chance to crit, which really nerfs their damage. So in that case, I might just stick with the Wasp...

But I will post more about BM PvP and Marks PvP soon...

Trackerbr - Warsong said...

Great I'll wait for your bible . =)

Anonymous said...

This looks like BM will be completely worthwhile again for raiding when the patch hits. This makes me happy, because Survival is not where my heart is.

Zerlegen said...

Do you have any kind of suggestion/write up on a BM solo type guide? What I plan on doing is sticking with Survival for my PVE/Raiding, and lets face it not too bad for PVP either.

Then when I need to farm things I would like to go with a BM build. Some type of Ferocity pet, thinking a bear, and the build for the bear as well.

Here are my thoughts for this:

BM PVE Solo/Grinding Build:

This spec on the bear:

What would you spec and why?

Zerlegen said...

Also, sorry I would of added this, I love my Gorilla over a bear, but from what I am reading, quoting ( "The Gorilla’s new family skill Pummel is not an AOE skill, whereas the bears swipe combined with thunderstomp makes it one of the most powerful tanking pets in the game, especially for multiple mobs."

That makes me sad :-( Bears are cool, but my Gorilla and I have been together for so long.

Shaedon said...

A bear is a tenacity pet, and it would be a great pet for farming since it has 2 aoe moves.

I'm not sure if I would go BM for farming. Marks has infinite mana when killing mobs (Rapid Recuperation with Rapid Killing), and blows mobs up very quickly.

However, if your aoe farming, than BM is probably the tree to go to. For solo farming BM is still fine, I just prefer Marks.

Zerlegen said...

Thanks for the quick reply. Was just refreshing while my server is dying slowly :-)

What about the Specs linked? I'm just comparing them to your BM build you linked, and its definitely a little different. I'm guessing your build is more for BM raiding over BM farming.

Marks, you say for farming... Interesting and I never thought of that. I have only always been Survival or BM.

How does Marks, compare to Survival for farming. I am definitely more into AOE farming then single mob pulls. When possible of course. With survival of course I'm always pulling mobs off my pet.

Shaedon said...

Your builds seemed alright. I would miss Aimed Shot with your BM build. Your pet build seemed solid.

With Marks you can kill things before they even get to you most of the time.

And with the new Concussive Barrage Chimera Shot will daze your target.

Serpent Sting then Chimera Shot than Arcane and Aimed for the kill.

And you should get most of your mana back after the kill.

Anonymous said...

Im curious why you chose 5/5 mortal shots and 3/3 imp arcane shot over 5/5 imp tracking and 2/2survival instincts...since both of the latter talents generate more DPS per talent point according to your chart?

Shaedon said...

I pick up Mortal Shots because I like Aimed Shot better than Multi-Shot (Ulduar has lots of movement).

I didn't put any points into Improved Arcane Shot, so not sure what you are talking about there.

Anonymous said...

What are the best macros (besides the shot rotation) that you know nd what about addons. any good ones? btw, what is your gear cause i have no idea what armor gave you all that AP.

Shaedon said...

The main addons I use in Raids are NeedToKnow (helps keep track of Hunter's Mark and Serpent Sting), Omen (really nice as Marks, as aggro is a big problem early in a fight), Deadly Boss Mods, Viper Notify, and RangeDisplay.

I have standard Naxx 25 man gear with a few pieces of Ulduar 10 man gear. The high attack power is due to having 25 man raid buffs.

Phoenix said...

I have been looking at your numbers all day and I think its easy to see how it maximizes DPS within the BM tree, but I have one major concern when looking at your hunter tree + ferocity tree.

When you put nothing into boosting your pets health, stam, or in the world do you keep him alive? I also feel that Heart of the Phoenix is a mandatory TP for my pet. I have taken all but 1pt into thick hide and did all other TPs but my pet still kicks the bucket and he is a large % of my dps.

Shaedon said...

Armor doesn't help keep a pet alive in PvE raiding, as the damage that will kill your pet is almost always magical.

Extra stamina usually won't help keep your pet alive either.

Your pet will either die or live based on your knowledge of the boss fight.

I am Marksman Hunter in PvE raids, and my Ferocity pet rarely dies on me in Ulduar.

I can understand wanting to have a Heart of the Phoenix for your pet as a BM Hunter... and I would say that is probably wise until your learn all the boss fights and figure out how to keep your pet alive.

Once you have learned how to keep your pet alive, I would drop Heart of the Phoenix in order to pick up more damage talents.

Anonymous said...

"Devilsaur in PvE"

I have never had the problems you speak of in any raids, including all regular and heroic raids at level 80. If you are having pet problems, you should learn to control your pet.

Shaedon said...

Good for you.

Unfortunately, every other hunter I've listened to, and from my own experience, have a problem with how Devilsaurs become insanely huge and aggro other mobs, bug out or get hit by things they shouldn't in boss fights.

Anonymous said...

Now with the changes to Hunter's Mark in 3.1.3 adding a total of 500 AP does IHM and the glyph move up in the grand scheme or is it still not worth it? By my calculations it is an extra 364+AP.

Shaedon said...

I believe it should increase the value of the talents and the glyph by about 60%.

Anonymous said...

I'm unclear why invigoration adds so much to DPS. I understand the importance of mana, but don't see how the occasional 1% would add 43 DPS

Anonymous said...

I would have thought agility outpaces 2 AP because of the crit bonus that comes with Ag

Shaedon said...

Invigoration adds to DPS because it enables a BM Hunter to stay out of Viper in a long boss fight.

2 AP is better than 1 Agility for BM Hunters because pets scale with attack power and not crit (at least as of right now, in the future pets might scale with more stats).

Lee said...

With the last patch I think this needs to be revisited. Hunter's mark now adds 500AP with improved that's 650AP and with the glyph that's an incredible 750AP. Since your AP adds to the pets AP as well this would affect both you and your pet against this mob. I think this will greatly change the worth of each point in improved hunter mark and the importance of the glyph.

What do you all think?

Shaedon said...

Hunter's Mark does not affect your pet. It is a debuff on the target, it is not a buff on your Hunter (your pet does not scale from attack power debuffs on the target).

Anonymous said...

Whats about Spirit beast dps?

Shaedon said...

It's right below a corehound on the spreadsheet.

Vaprak of Mannoroth said...

How is 3.2 looking for BM?

Shaedon said...

There were 2 decent buffs to BM PvE.

Animal Handler now gives pet 10% AP instead of the expertise (your pet now gets the expertise from your Hit I believe).

Wild Hunt (pet talent) now gives a 30% boost to AP, from 20%.

All in all it means that BM got a 1-2% boost in damage (without computing the numbers). BM is still probably lower in damage than the other 2 trees, but it might be close...

However, if there is ever a fight that isn't pet friendly, BM loses hard.

Anonymous said...

My only question is pertaining to the pets, on your pet spreadsheet spirit beasts are all one category, would a spirit wolf (skorr i think) do more dps than a spirit cat? Seeing as cats do less than wolves.

Shaedon said...

A Spirit "cat" and a Spirit "wolf" are the same creature and have the same abilities. They are both Spirit Beasts and have the Spirit Strike ability. So they would do identical damage.

Joaquin said...

Hi, great article, but I have a doubt about the BM. I tamed an Ancient Core Hound (elite) from Molten Core, but after I tammed The Beast (Boss) from Blackrock. And the top damage from the elite is equal to the base damage of the bossm both at lvl 77, the damage is like 15% more for the Boss, but the health of the Elite is 10% more than the Boss. So I dicided to use the Boss. Where can I find the diferences for the same beasts? because is not like someones says that if they have the same skin they have the same stats

Shaedon said...

All Core Hounds have the exact same stats. It will not matter if you tamed an elite or the normal ones. If your seeing different damage or health numbers try unspeccing both of them and see what their stats are without pet talent points.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering how you can put Kill Shot in your rotation as the 2nd shot when what you are shooting has to be at 20% or less health?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me I meant first shot.

Shaedon said...

It's a shot prioritization list. Kill Shot is the #1 priority, but of course you can only use it when the mob is below 20% health.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering about this as I read your article (which was very insightful, by the way);

Couldn't a Cunning Pet offer comparable dps to a Ferocity one, due to the Inspiring Roar?

I feel like in the end, the extra mana would keep the hunter himself going for longer, and keep AotDH up almost the entire time.

I could be wrong, but I've been using a Silithid for both PvE and PvP and my dps change is fairly minor than when I switch to a Devilsaur.

Shaedon said...

Doubtful. Maybe in 5 mans it might be comparable, as you won't have many buffs to help out your mana situation.

In 10 mans and 25 mans the buffs help your mana to the point where you would want to go with a Ferocity pet.

BM is still the weakest spec for mana efficiency and it would be nice if they buffed it mana wise.

Zorggy said...

Great Info btw, learnt heaps.

Just curious on one thing though, how would a certain pet rate vs other pets of same type? I have King Dred (DTK raptor pens Boss) which I am assuming is part of the devilsaur group, how would this rate vs another devilsaur (say one thats been Tamed in Ungoro Crater then levelled to 80), is there a big difference, or is this very minimal?

Shaedon said...

No difference between Devilsaurs or any animal family. They all have the same stats and abilities.

Yùmi said...

Ah I've finally had it with MM and Surv. I haven't gotten to use my favorite tree since I was leveling so this helped a bunch! I do wish my Spirit Beasts where a bit higher for all the pain it is to tame them on a full server.
I'm completly regemming my set for BM and since I got nipped at for going for socket bonuses would you suggest I go just all out attack power gems in my gear? or maybe some variety like arp and crit as well?
Also I don't have much for trinkets but I use Whispering Fanged Skull and the Herkuml War Token thinking I need all the AP I can get. I still got my old Grim Toll but ARP doesnt seem too useful for BM. (even tho its on all my gear)

Shaedon said...

All attack power gem stacking seems like the right decision for BM.

Armor Pen and Crit aren't as valuable for BM as straight attack power (last I checked). If our pet was buffed through all our stats instead of a few things would be much more interesting for BM (option wise).

Moshe Rabinovich said...

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