Monday, September 29, 2008


Updated: November 8th 2008

Shaedon's Complete List of Suggested Changes to Hunters

  • Raptor Strike & Mongoose Bite merged
  • Auto-Shot no longer interrupted by movement
    • 25% Damage reduction while moving
    • 1 Intellect now gives .5 Attack Power for Hunter's
      • Caster's get crit from Intellect, Hunter's need that kind of incentive
    • Deterrence changed to 50% less damage
      • Hunter's need actual burst defense, especially vs. casters
    • Global Cooldown removed from:
      • Bestial Wrath
      • Rapid Fire
      • Hunter's Mark
    • Arcane Shot mechanics changed back to pre Burning Crusade post 2.0 patch
      • More scaling like Steady Shot would help vs. armor targets
    • Pet's should scale with Crit & Resilience
    • Remove Tranquilizing Shot
      • Very limited use, too many shots as is

    My Suggested Hunter Talent Tree

    Documentation of all changes made from the base Hunter Talent Tree

    Note: There are more changes in the Beast Mastery tree because it is the only tree that has not had major revisions for Wrath of the Lich King.

    Beast Mastery

    • Go for the Throat moved to Tier 1 of BM.
      • This was to create more options in the Tier 1 of BM, similar to the Marksmanship and Survival tree.  It's also a must have for most builds, especially BM.  This gives a BM Hunter a little bit more versatility in their builds.
    • Improved Aspect of the Hawk changed to only 3 ranks.  10% chance to increases speed by 5/10/15%.
      • This creates the normal Tier 1 talent spread of a 5 talent, 3 talent and a 2 talent.
    • Thick Hide changed to include 2/4/6% reduction of all spell damage taken by your pet, and a 1/2/3% reduction of all spell damage taken by you.
      • This talent needed a small buff to keep up with the times.
    • Improved Revive Pet and Improved Mend Pet combined into Pet Medic located in place of Improved Revive Pet.
      • Both talents could use a buff and combining them was the easiest way to do it.
    • Pathfinding removed.
      • Completely and absolutely sucked.
    • Pet Focus takes the place of Improved Mend Pet.  Increases your pets maximum focus by 10/20.
      • This talent helps your pet maintain better up time for specials since their maximum focus would increase to 120 with 2/2, and it would mesh well with GftT and Bestial Discipline.
    • Spirit Bond changed to 2/4% passive health regen every 10 sec.  It still increases healing on you and your pet by 5/10%.
      • This change would strengthen Spirit Bond's core ability.  
        • 2% every 10 seconds is 220 health (if you have 11k), which is just inconsequental
        • 4% every 10 seconds is 440 health (if you have 11k), which is still not very good, but might actually be useful
    • Intimidation changed to instant
      • Thought Blizzard changed it to instant, but they did not
    • Catlike Reflexes changed to reduce damage to pet by 3/6/9% and damage to you by 1/2/3%.
      • Dodge does not help us vs Casters or when we attacked from behind, changing this makes the talent decent.
    • Invigoration changed back to what it used to be: 1/2% mana regenerated.
      • The nerf was unwarranted.  It looks to be minimally useful in PvP, where pets crit chance is significantly reduced (resilience).


    • Careful Aim nerfed.
      • .5 AP per Intellect is now base.  Changed to be .16/.25.50 AP per Intellect.
    • Improved Hunter's Mark changed to 16/25/50% bonus attack power increase from Hunter's Mark.
      • This talent, after many changes throughout the beta, seems lackluster, buffed to compensate.
    • Efficiency changed to 2 talents with a 5/10% mana reduction on your Shots and Stings.
      • It was a heavy investment for 5 talents being only a 10% reduction.
    • Consussive Barrage buffed to 4/8/12% chance to Daze the target for 4 secs from an Autoshot.
      • The current 2/4/6% chance is too minuscule to effect play at all.
    • Piercing Shots changed to 3/6/10% armor ignore on all shots.
      • Extremely weak talent, needed major buff.
    • Improved Barrage changed to inlcude a 2/4/6% change for a Multi-Shot or Volley to stun target for 3 seconds.
    • Wild Quiver changed to 5/10/15% chance to proc off of Auto Shot.
      • Very deep in the tree, this talent needed to be good, not merely okay.


    • Improved Wingclip moved to Tier 1 replacing Savage Strikes (Raptor Strike & Mongoose Bite no longer exist).  Only 2 ranks, 10/20%.

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