Monday, September 29, 2008

World PvP at Brewfest

World PvP is the main reason I fell in love with World of Warcraft. The variety of combat was immeasurable. Never knowing what to expect next was the best part of World PvP.

I thoroughly enjoyed laying a freezing trap right in front of the Flight Master at Light's Hope Chapel. The unknowing victim would land right on top of it when flying into Light's Hope and I would wind up an Aimed Shot while my Rogue friend would finish the person off. We would fight there for hours almost every night.

Countless other examples can be found: Blackrock Mountain battles, Thorium Point battles, Silithus battles, etc. One of the most favorite past times of World PvP was the chase. As a Survival Hunter the chase was oh so special. Shortly after the enemy was in range I would fire off the Wyvern Sting and giggle with mad delight at my capture. Oh good times...

...And then the Burning Crusade arrived and changed World PvP forever. Flying mounts were introduced. Now combatants could flee the battlefield easily, and also join the battlefield on a whim, while 2 seconds before they were invincible hovering in the air out of range. It destroyed world PvP in the Outlands and broke my heart.

Luckily, flying mounts were never introduced in the Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor. Every once in awhile I go back to this Old World, and try to find the missing joy I've lost since the Burning Crusade. Every once in awhile, I find that joy.

Brewfest has brought back the joys of World PvP at Thorium Point and Blackrock Mountain. Today I joined up with my Rogue friend and we PvP'ed for hours, losing track of everything while we enjoyed the chase and the kill. And although nothing will compare to the Road Bandit days where I Shadowmelded by the side of the road in Silithus and would Wyvern unsuspecting victims, this World PvP ignited that same flame of joy, even if it didn't burn quite as bright.

I command you, if you have not yet, to go to Thorium Point or Blackrock Mountain and fight every human enemy you see. Soon Brewfest will be no more, and that joy will be lost again, for a time. Do not miss out on this, go and be apart of World PvP!

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