Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Aspect of the Viper Changed to Passive!

Posts by Koraa on September 23, 2008:

Frankly, Hunter's DPS right now is balanced with Aspect of the Viper in mind. If we, say, reduced the amount of time you were in it drastically or the damage penalty we'd have to do something equivalent of reducing Hunter's total DPS by at least 10-30%. While you guys might not notice it with the pre-mades, the Hunter class is currently king of DPS.

What I do buy is that when you're soloing, between pulls or not able to attack, you aren't gaining the regeneration. What we could do is make the regeneration passive and not require you to attack, but basically just regenerate mana. (It would still have the damage penalty though)
Class Designer

Done =]
Class Designer

Q u o t e:

making it only passive will not scale with each tick of damage we deal. we need a compromise of both. only making it passive will severely nerf the regen in PvE , unless the regen is astronimical.

The mana is not based upon your damage. It is a general rule now to not make your mana scale with damage or healing etc., because mana doesn't scale as fast as those stats. What it does is regenerate a % of your base mana relative to your weapon speed (nullifying the need to have a fast or slow weapon to game the aspect).

What we're going to do is balance the passive regen to be around the same as if you were attacking the target.
Class Designer

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Ihlos said...

This was very welcome, just the other day I was sitting around with no mana, I pop viper, only to remember its not doing anything. I ran out of water pretty quick, and being stuck with no mana and no way of getting it back was pretty frustrating.

Hopefully they do us justice with mana.

Shaedon said...

Yeah, this change will help immensely for PvP, where people tend to kite and its tough to be constantly hitting someone.