Friday, September 19, 2008

Depressing Times

After the last few patches to the beta/ptr I've been truly concerned about Hunter's ability to PvP effectively in the Arena. A popular PvP Hunter has commented about his frustrations in the ptr:


Author: Megatf

Just got done playing for a while on PTR 09/19/2008 07:12:37 AM PDT

Against Mages/Warlocks/Paladins/Priests/Warriors/Rogues

About 90% of duels were lost, against player's wearing S1/S2 gear and were so stupid half the time they didn't know they could /target Megatf to find me. "where r u lol"

I'd go OOM before I could potentially kill a Ret Paladin. If I played perfectly, and of course they played/geared like a 1400 rated clicker, I could drag the fight out long enough to go OOM before they won.

It was the stupidest crap I've ever seen. I'm quitting after 3.0 hits, I'll enjoy the time I got now and finish my video, it's really stupid that I actually prefer the way things are now in 2.4 over what 3.0 is going to bring.

Warlocks with 80% damage mitigation in Meta form is pretty funny. "Hey I'll just fear and drain life tank you until your dead because that's all I have to do." Usually at the end of those duels I'm at 0% and the lock is at 80+%.

My pet dies to Warriors who pop that weirdo beserker whirlwind crazy spell if I don't pull him back.

If I didn't have Stoneform it would be really embarrassing against most Rogues.

Ret Paladins lol... They don't even know they are broken. "Man, I hope they fix that..." "wut do u mean? huh?"

PTR is nothing but a gib fest, and we're the easiest class to lock down as well as having the worst damage currently. I was a Wyvern/Scatter Spec with 2300 AP, 38% crit, 425 resil, 13000 HP and I got beat by people who wore more S1/Blue's than anything of actual PvP value. Not to mention using all mine+pets keybinds were giving me a headache.

There is no point in me playing after 3.0. I got nothing, I keep hearing that Warhammer is pretty sweet.


It is demoralizing to hear this from an expert in Hunter PvP.

There is still hope that hunter's could see some improvement in respect to PvP. Devs have recently said they have not been focused on PvP yet and since the beta has just recently started arena's, the data available in the PvP area is limited.

I also think that Hunter's have an innate disability for PvP buffs. When the average person thinks of the Hunter class they think of their pets and their ability to solo content. When the average person thinks of the Rogue class, they think of stealth and a focus on PvP.

I also believe that 90% of Rogues engage in PvP through Arena's and BG's, while probably not even half of Hunter's participate in PvP. The odds from the beginning are stacked against the Hunter class in PvP. I just hope some devs realize this innate bias that exists and makes sure that the Hunter class is not overlooked when it comes to PvP (like it has been for the last two years).

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