Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hunter's Cry Out on Forums

The Hunter's have been crying out more and more as each and every PvP Hunter leader is seemingly throwing in the towel. Is Blizzard listening, or even better, understanding?
As I currently gaze upon the Hunter Forums I see 25 posts on the 1st page with the header Fix Hunters somewhere in the title of the post.

With more and more information coming back from the beta, and most of looking pretty dismal for the Hunter PvP situation, I've gone back to the drawing board and changed up some talents on my Suggested Hunter Talent Tree.

Changes from my last build to this build:

Beast Mastery

  • Beast Mastery (51 point talent) changed from 10% more scaling to 4 free Talent Points given to the Hunter within the Beast Mastery tree. The 4 extra pet Talent Points are still there.
This would be a fun and actually useful 51 point talent. And it would not be overpowered in allowing 51 Beast Mastery Hunters to attain 21 point Talents in the Marksmanship or Survival tree as the 4 free talents would be only within the Beast Mastery tree.


  • Trainable Scatter Shot
Too many problems about PvP survivability in the beta have prompted an easy quick fix in helping alleviate the weak showing of Hunters. Having Scatter Shot trainable would give Hunters another way to get out of melee or avoid damage for a short period of time.

  • Improved Aimed Shot replaces Scatter Shot as the 21 point talent in Marksmanship. Reduces the cast time of Aimed Shot by 2 seconds.
This would greatly help a Marksmanship Hunter in their ability to use Aimed Shot in PvP, especially Arena. Beast Mastery Hunters are helped by their Serpent's Swiftness which helps make Aimed Shot cast faster. Survival would be the only build that would have trouble getting Aimed Shot off in PvP, but they have more CC talents to make up for it (with the improved Counterattack, Wyvern Sting and getting a trainable Scatter Shot).

I would also change some base abilities:

  • Traps would have a reduced arming time of 1 second.

I will post an all in one post of all the changes I think should happen to our core abilities and talents to condense all these posts and make all my suggested changes more coherent. I will start working on this post today, but am not sure when it will be finished.

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