Sunday, January 25, 2009

Haste Rating

Updated: January 26th 2009

Haste Rating, at the moment, is overrated for Survival Hunters.
I will explain, but first:

Ghostcrawler on the forums:
Haste is a worthwhile stat to some casters but it is not useful for many melee. We are trying some different things to make it more apealing.

Armor Pen I think is just undertuned. It is a good stat in general, but the amount of +armor pen you need to get to something noticeable is too high. We would like to buff it. 

So Haste might get a boost in the future.  As for now, right after the 3.0.8 patch, Haste is not very good for Survival Hunters (it is merely okay).

After 3.0.8, Steady Shot damage is nearly cut in half.
This nerf to Steady Shot also lowers the value of Haste Rating, as it was the only shot which benefited from Haste Rating (except for Auto Shot).

Haste Rating and Steady Shot calculations:
2.0 (Steady Shot) / 1.15 (Quiver) * 1.0958 (my 9.58% Haste Rating)
2.0 / 1.26
1.59 Steady Shot cast time with Quiver + Haste Rating

Basic Shot Rotation
Explosive Shot - x3 Steady Shot

1.5 sec (GCD ES) + 1.59 + 1.59 + 1.59 = 6.27 sec

I am slowing down my next Explosive Shot by .27 seconds.

On the Training Dummy:
Since I spam Steady Shot after the Explosive Shot, even with 300ms, I notice that with about .3 seconds left on the third Steady Shot, Explosive is off cooldown.

I noticed that if I did not spam Steady Shot, and waited until the casting time was done, Explosive Shot came off cooldown right after the 2nd Steady Shot.  So lag can be beaten by spamming a key.

After some very limited testing trying a 2 Steady Shot rotation vs. 3 Steady Shot rotation the 3 SS rotation won out by about 150 DPS.

Attribute DPS
+1 Haste Rating at my level of Haste gives only .400 DPS (when Haste is soft capped it's merely .254 DPS).
+1 Agility gives me .829 DPS.
+1 Intellect gives me .773 DPS (I do run out of mana since I mainly run 10 mans).

+2 Attack Power gives me .688 DPS.
+1 Crit gives me .557 DPS.

This page will be a main page on this site and be updated when needed.


Mit said...

The 1.5 Global CD also counts in the 6s cooldown, that is to say you would only have 3 Steady between 2 ES in a perfect world.

I guess you should recalculate everything with 3 and 2 instead of 4 and 3 and that may change a lot as : 2x1.8 +0.2 +1.5 = 5.3 which is not optimum.

Mit said...

I meant the 1.5 GCD of Explosive Shot.

That's why it also better to take Aim Shot and replace a Steady with it when possible when you are not at haste cap.

Shaedon said...

Yes, the ES 1.5 GCD was something I did not think of. Updated page with the new info.

I was initially calculating my haste with my PvP gear. With my PvE gear my haste makes Steady Shot a 1.59 cast.

This makes interchanging Aimed Shot with a Steady Shot less impressive.

Again, slightly more DPS can be had by replacing a Steady Shot with an Aimed Shot (about .7%), but since it complicates the shot rotation and can throw off timing, I do not use it unless I'm moving in a fight.

Anonymous said...

i don't understand a word you said

Jean-Philippe Encausse said...

What about gemming Thundering Skyflare Diamond ?

Does it wroth for a hunter ?
480Haste / 6s / 1Min CD

Shaedon said...

It works for a Hunter. But its a bad meta gem at the moment regardless.