Friday, January 2, 2009

Hunter / Rogue 1663 2v2 Rating

I had my sights set on 1660 this week so I could pick up the deadly bracers, deadly belt and hateful leggings.

Of course I was using 50/21 to my advantage, as I'm tired of playing with a broken class in arenas.  I figured I might have to partner with a healer, preferably paladin, to get there.  To my surprise I was able to make a good push with my Rogue friend.

We would win 2 and lose 1 pretty consistently all the way up to 1663.  The rating wasn't all that difficult to attain as Hunter / Rogue.  Some teams (any team with a Retribution Paladin or a Death Knight) we would lose to almost every time and other teams we could pretty much destroy every time.  Double dps remains my favorite way to play 2v2, love quick games. 

In the future with the nerf to BM Hunters I plan to try my hand with Survival in both PvE and PvP.  I've tried it currently and it lacks the punch that 3.0.8 provides.  I am very excited to try it again when the patch comes out.

Sidenote: I tried my hand at Marksmanship with my gear and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of burst available to me (BGs).  Having 3 instant shots is very nice in PvP (4 if you count Silencing).  It is definitely the glass cannon spec for Hunters in PvP.

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