Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hunter / Rogue 2v2 @ 1758

Yesterday Siphter and I (my Rogue friend) decided to try our hand at getting to 1720 so we could pick up the Deadly Boots. 

After our first ten games this week going so poorly, (50/50) and coming up against a lot of DK / Paladin teams, my expectations were low.  But we did not queue any Paladin teams (are they all 1800+?) .  Against non-Paladin teams we are about 90% successful, so we managed to perform quite well.  We ended up versing mostly Mage / Rogue or Priest / Rogue teams. 

Priest / Rogue being the easy team for us, as I can pressure the Priest and make the Rogue pop on me and then we just burn down the Rogue.  As BM 50/21 a Rogue is not going to touch me with x2 Deterrence and Bestial Wrath.

Mage / Rogue was still an easy team to face off against, but if luck goes their way, the Mage might get a couple of lucky crits and kill you in the beginning with a Rogue ambush.  If you can LoS the Mage a little bit and force the Rogue to pop on you, without losing half your health, than you should win this game as a Hunter / Rogue.  Just quickly switch to Rogue while LoS'ing Mage and then finish Mage afterwards.

Today Siphter and I finished getting to 1720, as we had to quit early yesterday due to it being too late.  After 1720 (and after picking up our Boots), we thought we might as well try our hand at 1750 for the Deadly Cloaks.  We continued to face non-Paladin teams and were rewarded with win after win.

I have the utmost confidence in our ability to play any team that does not have a Paladin.  Rogue / BM Hunter seems to do be able to beat almost any team that does not have a Paladin bubble.  After the 3.0.8 patch BM is getting a big hit for PvP as Readiness will not reset Bestial Wrath.  I think BM can do okay without Readiness, but it will be an uphill battle as burst gets lessened.

Looking forward to being able to play with Survival come 3.0.8 as well.  Crossing my fingers for this Tuesday.

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