Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hunter vs. Rogue & 1815 2v2

As a Survival Hunter I have to worry about melee more than a BM Hunter would.  The transition from BM Hunter to Survival Hunter was a rough one, as I didn't know how to vs. Melee without Bestial Wrath.

After dueling my Rogue friend, and learning what most Rogues do when they open on a Hunter, this is the strategy to use vs. Rogues:

Note: The beginning of the fight is the most important part for a Rogue.  Since burst damage is so high at the moment, it's very important for the Hunter as well (since you can die in 5 seconds to a Rogue's burst).

First 5-10 seconds of a fight vs. Rogue

Rogue Cheap Shots Hunter and starts doing massive damage
Hunter Trinkets Cheap Shot and Scatter Shots Rogue
Hunter Disengages from Rogue and Concussive Shots Rogue
Hunter Explosive Shot Rogue and sends pet on Rogue
Rogue Sprints / Vanish toward Hunter
Hunter Flares in between where the Rogue was and where the Hunter is
Hunter Aimed Shots Rogue for more damage
Hunter casts Deterrence and lays a Frost Trap when Rogue gets close

The point is to save Deterrence since it is on a long cooldown.  Scatter Shot is on a relatively short cooldown (30 sec) and so is Disengage.  When the Hunter Trinkets and Scatter Shots the Rogue and Disengages, the Hunter has saved himself from death and has put distance between him and the Rogue.  This is the most important part of the fight.  The Hunter has to be quick on the Trinket and the Scatter Shot.

This strategy has helped me win 90% of the duels with my Rogue friend, and has enabled me to not fear Rogues in Arena.  Whenever our 2v2 (Rogue / Hunter) faces off against a Rogue Healer we win 95% of the time.  Whenever we face off against a Mage / Rogue we win 70% of the time.

Our Arena team ended up at 1815 this week.  We were able to get to 1840 before getting a few back to back losses and dropping a bit.

The new Arena Rating system is definitely different.  We ended up gaining 6-10 points every time we won and losing 2-8 points every time we lost.  The other strange thing is that my personal rating is only 1787 while my Rogues rating is 1805, and before this week we were only 4 personal rating apart. 

It seems that a lot of teams are finding their personals ratings are seperating from their team rating.  This is going to be very annoying if I find that our Team Rating is enough to get Deadly gear but my personal falls short (and we only 2v2 with each other, no one else to skew the personals).


Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd mention that fd (if not resisted) should wipe any combo points the rogue might have on you.

Shadowmeld used to as well, not sure if it still does now or not.

Anonymous said...

so what happens when he blinds you instead of sprint vanish..

Shaedon said...

Well, this is pretty old information. Haven't been dueling rogues lately.

I don't think I would use trinket on cheap shot anymore since a rogue can't kill me in the first 5 seconds like they used to at the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King.