Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Survival Q&A

Warning: This page is old and outdated, go to my
Survival page to view updated information.

What Shot Rotation do I use for Survival in PvE?

Rapid Fire/Blood Fury/Trinket > Serpent Sting > Kill Shot > Explosive Shot > Aimed Shot > Steady Shot

Note: Come 3.0.8 Kill Shot will be on a 15 sec cooldown. This will help make Kill Shot a more interesting ability once a bosses health is lower than 20%.

What Shot Rotation do I use when Lock and Load procs?

Explosive Shot - Steady Shot - Explosive Shot - Steady Shot - Explosive Shot

Note: You could replace a Steady Shot with an Aimed Shot or a Serpent Sting if it has expired.


Explosive Shot - 0.5 sec - Explosive Shot - 0.5 sec - Explosive Shot

Note: Waiting for .5 sec in between ES shots is to ensure that your ES gets 3/3 ticks. The reason the 2nd rotation exists is that it allows you to gain almost one whole Explosive Shot in your full rotation every L&L proc. This is because your ES starts its cooldown on the 3rd ES after a L&L proc.

I also like the 2nd rotation because half the time your L&L procs right after an ES, and since L&L does not reset the CD on ES, you have to wait 6 seconds before you can even begin the L&L rotation. This leaves you about 6 seconds, at worst, to complete the rotation.


Falcon said...

im levelling my little hunter in SV spec, and im not sure about what stats to aim for apart from the obvious, agility. she is only level 53 at the moment but i would like to know what to choose come outlands :)

Shaedon said...

Intellect is only a desirable stat when you have the Careful Aim talent. Since you are only level 53 and probably have all your points in Survival, Agility will be your main stat point. 1 crit or 2 attack power is good, but not as good as 1 agility. So basically, get as much agility gear as you can, but don't give up 3 attack power or 2 crit for only 1 agility (don't be extreme).

NextOne said...

Thanks for all these information.

I used to play survival and now with the 3.0.8 patch I think to come back to survial with Readiness.

Something like that:

I think Arcan shot can do a better job that explosive shot. And TrueShot Aura is great.

But with this build I don't know if Intellect better than AP ?

Shaedon said...

With the buff to Explosive Shot, and with the power of Chimera Shot, there is no room for a hybrid spec between Marksmanship and Survival (if you are min/maxing).

Explosive Shot, in 3.0.8, does three times the damage of Arcane Shot. So no, Arcane Shot is nowhere near the power of Explosive Shot. Readiness and Trueshot Aura to do not exceed the power of Explosive Shot, in PvP or PvE.

As far as that build is concerned, Agility, AP and Intellect are probably all very close in worth. But again, I advise against a hybrid build with Marksmanship/Survival, Chimera and Explosive are just too good of shots.

Hunter4ever said...

Seen the new build on ptr? Cooldown on L&L to 30 seconds - guess you have, as you've edited the 0.16 ratio on ES. Any comment on the effect on the L&L CD?

Shaedon said...

L&L 30 sec cooldown is still being thought over in EJ. The rule of thought at the moment is that this makes trap dancing even better, as it ensures you get a L&L proc every 30 seconds. I'm pretty sure Blizzard does not want us to do a silly trap dance to do max damage in PvE, so I hope they will figure out a better way to change L&L.

Randy said...

2 points into Savage strikes is a waste.

Randy said...

The two points you have into Savage strikes and noxious stings are wasted.

Randy said...

Also, you didn't get sniper training...

Shaedon said...

This post is old and outdated, go to my Survival page for an updated analysis, thank you.