Sunday, January 11, 2009

Survival Talent & Glyph DPS Guide

For an updated analysis of Survival view my Survival page.

Note: The DPS of each talent for a Survival Hunter can vary with Gear, variance of Spec, Buffs and Shot Rotation. The closer you are to my Gear, Spec, Buffs and Shot Rotation, the more more accurate these Talent DPS numbers will be for you.

Talent DPS

Glyph DPS

The glyphs I will end up using as Survival will be Serpent Sting, Steady Shot and Aimed Shot (as I will not put a point into IAotH).

My Base Survival Spec for 3.0.8

My shot rotation will be this:

Blood Fury / Rapid Fire / Trinket > Explosive Shot > Kill Shot > Serpent Sting > Aimed Shot > Steady Shot

Buffs in my 10 man raid that would affect my talent DPS:

Greater Blessing of Might
Mana Spring Totem
Horn of Winter
Improved Gift of the Wild
Improved Prayer of Fortitude
Blackened Dragonfin
Elixir of Mighty Agility
Judgement of Wisdom
Sunder Armor

Attributes fully buffed in a 10 man raid:

Mana - 11,444
Hit - 8.05%
Crit - 35.79%
Agility - 1,457
Stamina - 1,397
Intellect - 445
Attack Power - 5,121
Haste Rating - 227
ArP Rating - 130


Bowspiritbx said...

nice guide, but how do you do the kill shot ? are you talking about the macro?

PS: i need better stats :P

Shaedon said...

The shot rotation is just a priority system. I don't think there can be a good macro for Survival shot rotation, but if I find one, I'll definitely post about it.

amplos of agrammar said...

i made a macro but its hinders you es on the thrid spam and every other spam after that so i am not sure you may lose dps and you may not but its is es+steady+steady+steady and its in a ks macro so it will fire killshot when ever it is up makes raids alot less confusing i am going to keep working on this macro or free hand my shots when i need max dps but at this point i when from the bottem of the dps to mid and in some cases i am top if i tire realy hard and flask up and food buff i do have 4 out of 5 of my t7 25man gear and i am realy well of on my stuff just looking ofr the good spec and yes i know this is run on typing sorry i used the macro you posted and put my own shot rot in and it works fine at this point thanks again and will be looking here for more help

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaedon,
Thanks for all the Information. Ok I worked on a spamable macro and I think not loosing much DPS also. The macro is as follows:
Rapid Fire - not part of macro.
Serpent Sting(SeS)-Aimed Shot(AS)- Explosive Shot(ES)- Steady Shot(SS)-SS-SS-ES-SS-AS-SS-ES-SS-SS-SS and then back to Serpent Sting with rotation. I have this macro linked to my mouse scroller so helps as I know what is going on the boss fights.
I have my Alliance Hunter - toon name nagaraj - Muradin. Any suggestions?

Shaedon said...

I'm not sure how a spammable macro would do compared to a more dynamic rotation. Explosive Shot should be right after Serpent Sting, not Aimed Shot. You want to be able to fit in as many Explosive Shots as you can throughout the fight.

nagaraj said...

I agree that Explosive shot should be right after the serpent Shot. If you see in the spamable rotation you will be hitting the same number of Explosive shots as in dynamic, so effectively nothing changes.
So on boss fights I start with Rapid Fire - Explosive and then start the spam macro that way the extra Explosive Shot is also taken care and the rotaion is also not impacted.
Request you to try it once. I will try to post my exact macro if you feel it is worth it. it comes to be 252 chars. nagaraj-muradin.

Shaedon said...

I haven't been Survival for a few weeks now. I've been trying Marksmanship for raiding (and BM once). I figure now is the time to experiment as DPS doesn't really matter for this easy content.

Marksmanship feels like the best rotation in my opinion. Refreshing Serpent Sting with Chimera Shot is amazingly convenient. Having another instant that goes with Chimera Shot flows well (Aimed Shot). And then also having Arcane Shot is also very nice (3 instant shots feels about perfect).

Beast Mastery still feels too dependent on Steady Shot. Having to refresh Serpent Sting and using Arcane Shot whenever its up is just so lackluster. I feel like BM needs another shot or something like the old Kill Command, but more powerful and off the GCD so it replaces a Steady Shot.

Anonymous said...

what about 'black arrow'?, surely that would be in there somewhere in the earlier stages of your rotation?

Shaedon said...

This post was before Black Arrow existed. There is a link at the top of the page to direct you to my updated Survival page.

Anonymous said...

There are no good macros for great dps, a true DPS'r is an active mouseclicker able to respond when talents and shots proc. A good survival build doesnt have aimed shot in it: Explosive shot, Serpent, sting, black arrow, and steady are your base attacks. If you want max dps, you gotta go survival these days or risk not getting into raids.

Shaedon said...

Actually right now Marks is top dps. It scales the best with top weapons and has been the best for about 3 months or so.

Survival is still a very close 2nd, don't get me wrong.

Anonymous said...

There is no way to make a successful macro for SV hunter rotation due to the free aracne shots and explosive shots given..... Marksmen has become the top dps spec but only if you have very high gear.... if you plan on switching: buy dual spec and keep both bc the two can generate high dps in differnet situations